“No Apology Singing Lewd Songs” …Abass Obesere declares



Popular Fuji artiste, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere in this interview with Assistant Editor, AKIN SOKOYA, speaks on the honour bestowed on him as ‘Best Fuji Artiste’abass in 2016, why he is not regretting singing lewd lyrics, among other issues. Excerpt…


Congratulations on your award as Best Fuji Artiste of 2016.

Thank you.



Did you envisage winning the award?

I expected it as a star musician based on my contributions to the Fuji world but then, my name was not the only one in the nomination list. So, I thank God for the encouragement.


To whom do you dedicate the award?

I dedicate the award firstly to God Almighty and to my fans all over the world.


What is the latest album from you?

My latest album is titled ‘Aja’, it was released in July 2016.

Besides that, I’m releasing another full hip hop album titled “Hip Hop Mafia”. It has 18 tracks. I featured 9ice, Timaya, Lord of Ajasa, Reminisce, Olamide and other upcoming hip hop artistes.


What really inspired you to do a full hip hop album?

I get involved in hip hop because that’s what people are listening to now, and I don’t want to be left out and put my fans in the dark. As a professional, I could swing to any kind of music to entertain my numerous fans and admirers. I also unveiled a single hip hop on TV stations titled ‘Amin Ase’. My fans have been calling that they appreciate it and that encouraged me to duet ‘Ebelesua’ with Olamide, the hip hop guru in the hip hop Mafia album.


Could you clear the air on the rumour once again that you don’t sing ‘Asakasa’?

I never said I would stop singing lewd songs, it was a rumour, it was a cooked up rumour from my enemies to bring me down. They claimed that  I won’t sing lewd song again after returning from the Hajj. I got money to go to Hajj through my ‘Asakasa’ songs and if I should say that, it means, I’m regretting singing lewd lyrics. If God has not been in supportive of my style of music, I won’t be successful through it. The enemies who are spreading such rumours just want to distract my fans’ attention. Nothing could stop me from singing Asakasa.


What inspired your performance on stage?

Seeing crowd inspires any stage performance and I always try to satisfy them with their favourite lyrics to make them happy.


Is it true that some artistes cooked up some negative stories around them just to be in the media?

Some might be doing it but for me, I don’t do it. The rape issue that happened to me over two years ago was a scam to bring me down. I’m too mature and exposed to rape. The rape issue was a plan to implicate and extort money from me. The lady that accused me ran away when I later won the case.


There is a rumour that you might be probed alongside other dignitaries who collected money from the past President Jonathan’s regime in this new dispensation, are you afraid in any way?

I’m a friend to every regime as far as I’m doing my work as an entertainer. During the last regime, I didn’t perform for only PDP but I also performed for APC during their campaigns. As an artiste, my job is to render service to whoever requests for my service. I’m not afraid because APC could still approach me for my service and I will still render it. I’m a friend of everybody and nobody could run after me because I’m not a politician.


What actually do you do on Sid phobia Entertainment?

That’s my record label; I’m using it to promote upcoming artistes, both hip hop and Fuji artistes.


What message do you have for your fans?

I love them all, and I will never disappoint them. I also appreciate the media houses for their support.


Your last word for the upcoming artistes

They should be prayerful and humble.


Do you think you deserve the award given to you by City People as the Best Fuji Artiste of The Year 2015/2016?

Yes, I worked for it, and it was given to me on merit.


Why did you decide to sing lewd songs?

It’s people that tagged my songs Asakasa. From inception, what I tried to do was to come into the industry with new brand of music because, there was nothing new again. To God be the glory, people accepted it and it became a success.