“Nigerians Are Threatening To Kill Me” …Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi Cries Out

Because anything that remotely looks like homosexuality sends homophobic Nigerians into a seizure of rage, and looking stupid while at it, it’s unsurprising they threw hate messages and death threats at LGBTQ activist Bisi Alimi on Twitter, just after announcing a media and public speaking training via his initiative TBA Foundation.
The training, which he specified was open to the LGBTQ community in Nigeria is still attracting vitriol from homophobes who think Alimi is breaking the law.
This isn’t the first time Alimi has received hateful abuse from homophobic Nigerians for just simply existing. He’s utterly hated because he’s a gay man who is free, and there’s the other toxic combination of religion and culture.
You see, homophobia and Nigerians go like bread and butter, and this isn’t going to dissuade Alimi and his foundation for having the planned media and public speaking training in Lagos.