“My Plans To Transform Ogun APC” …chairmanship aspirant, Femi Nuberu



Femi Nuberu

Former student union president of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye and social activist, Comrade Femi Nuberu, has disclosed his interest to vie for Ogun State chairmanship seat of the All Progressives Congress. He sheds light on this and many more in this interview. 





Can you please briefly tell us about yourself?

I am Comrade Nuberu Adesanya Olufemi from Ago Iwoye in Ijebu North Local Government. I am a community development practitioner, a political activist and an agriculturist. I studied Agricultural Economics & Farm Management in Olabisi Onabanjo University and have my second degree in Agricultural Economics from UI in the year 2008. Was a Senior Agricultural Officer in the Ogun State Local Government Service Commission till 2012.



In same vein, would you like to lead us into your background?

I am from Ososi family in Ago – Iwoye. Ososi is reputable for liberations, Justice and Equity. Perhaps why such blood flows in his lineage. Both my father and mother were community practitioners and were very active in politics. One thing that everyone knows me with is, humility, yet I hate injustice with passion.



You are known to be a social crusader and unionist, what actually prompted you into this line?

Simply put, this can be upbringing or generic. My both parents hated injustice but were very humble, sociable with very outstanding integrity. Moreso, the group that I envetually associated with during my University days, tutelage under very patriotic trade and students unionist are great factor. Above all, the fear of God, which forbids you from cheating, which admonishes that we resist injustice and be a model in all you do are other factors.





Could you please tell us about your ambition to become the number one APC man in Ogun state?

My ambition from Ijebu to become Chief Errand boy for our party leadership is (1) Justice provoked (2) Complementary and (3) Innate desire to contribute my quota to humanity. Justice and Complementary I would like to complement the very robust foundations of the past state Chairman of the party. The very commendable legacies of my predecessors need to be completed. The sequence is these: Alh Tajudeen Bello, Chief Roqueeb Adeniji, Chief Lemboye, Chief Derin Adebiyi and Chief Yemi Sanusi all led the party while His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun was the Executive Governor of Ogun State and they all performed wonderfully well.




If elected, what are the basic things you want to change about the activities of the party for the benefit of party faithful?

My chief objective is restoration of values and confidence of electorate into the party to deliver in our subsequent election. We would make the resources of the party to bear on it. We have about 4 governors in the state, former Speaker of House of Assembly, many past and current national assembly. Their views as a party must count. As the chief errand, all I need is to ensure progressive polemics among them for the good of the party. The party is bulkanised today but if we uphold the moto of the party in our activities, Justice, Peace & Unity, the crises in the party would be permanently arrested. The party today, needs a progressive intellectual to stand. A man of integrity who would call a spade a spade. Someone   who can mobilise and serve as bridge between the old and the new generation, like Com. Nuberu Adesanya Olufemi.




Lastly, what is your message to fellow party members as the election beckons?

My advice to all our leaders and supporters is to ensure peace and must be built on Justice and Equity. The party should accord all members’ equal democratic space. Consensus is legal. The party constitution makes it lucid and clear but it should not be misinterpreted to mean, imposition by suggestions. I equally appeal to all to uphold the sanctity of ” Party Supremacy” which literally means, conduct the party activities as stated in the party constitution. Unfortunately, the abridged interpretation of these terms and terminologies are what is tearing out party apart. Thank you most sincerely.