“My Alleged Fight With Small Doctor” …Crooner Famous Igboro speaks up




Funsho Asegere a.k.a. Famous Igboro is a fast-rising act whose famed lyrics has been the street anthem for so long. The young but hot act was cornered in Lagos recently by the duo of RAHMAN IS’MAIL and GRACE OBI where he spoke on hisjourney in music, his perceived rift with Small Doctor  over the copyright of his popular track, ‘Igboro’, and more. Excerpt…
How has it been with Famous in recent time?
Everything has been awesome. The atmosphere in the industry has been so favourable, we give God the glory. It has been a very busy moment for me and fans are appreciating what we dole out in form of good songs.

What is the latest from your stable?
The latest hit from me is titled ‘Wire’. That is the latest street anthem.

What is the motive behind the title?
Wire in my own language means ‘hustle’, whoever is hustling is wiring to meet ends meet. So, I just pray and hope for God’s blessing.

How many singles have you done so far?

I’ve a lot of songs, some of which were released over five years ago such as Pakurumo, Alaramimo, Okoboand a whole lot of other street bangs before the emergence of ‘Owo Lo N’igboro’. The latter is also a usual street wavering song which I waxed with the prime objective of adding to the existing songs in my archive but before the twinkle of an eye; it became trendy and household lyrics.

Is it true the copyright of ‘Igboro’ track belongs to Small Doctor and not you?

Well, some believe that ‘Igboro’ song is owned by Small Doctor and they even said that he is fond of performing the song at functions. I don’t think that could instigate face-off between me and Small Doctor. He’s a junior colleague and we love each other. We exchange due respects between each other. When he came into the industry, he would invite me to feature in his songs and here we are. He’s doing prettily well. But that doesn’t take away the fact that ‘Igboro’ track is my sole copyright.

What else do you share in common with Small Doctor aside lyrical voice?

I can only say that we share the same street orientation. But we are not the same in singing style because his has a touch of Fuji and Hip-Hop. I do blend with gospel, pop and highlife brands.

When is your next album dropping?
I’ve songs enough to make three albums but I want to relax and study the industry first because at the moment, the industry is not what we thought it was as piracy is killing the industry. Songs are popular but singers are growing less in terms of finance.

‘Igboro’ is your only hit song. Are you disturbed in anyway?

I’m not disturbed because I’m a professional musician. And the fact that I’ve not been promoting my songs, I only release them into the market without formal publicity. But, like you rightly said, ‘Igboro’ shot me to the limelight and that is why I adopted the title for my stage name.

Share your background, please.

My names are Funsho Asegere. I’m from Ekiti State. I’ve been in music since I dropped from Ekiti State University. I’m a single father and no plan for marriage yet.

Who’s your musical idol?
Terry G is my idol.

What gives you inspiration?
Street gives me inspiration.