‘Mr ibile’, Saheed Mosadoluwa Names Persons Defaming Him, Calls for Thorough Investigations


Real estate magnate, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa, aka Mr. Ibile, recently found himself entangled in a web of defamation and accusations orchestrated by his adversaries, allegedly led by Kazeem All Rounder. All Rounder, who is nursing his landgrabbing engagement with Mike Utomi, was defeated legally. The support for these actions reportedly comes from Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (BOG), who is said to still harbor resentment about his ex-wife’s business relationship with Mr. Ibile. Hon. Saheed is now speaking up about the incident.

According to him, “the IGP I know, in the person of Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, is a man of integrity who doesn’t take bribe. I do not believe anyone can entice him with land to do their bidding. As a father and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in this country, he would not see a doctored video of a hired assassin they are parading as innocent Nigerian and be happy with my person. He cannot be happy until he understands what led to the content of the video and also the characters of those criminals, which the defamatory lawyer is trying to use the media to parade as innocent Nigerians. So, I don’t blame the IGP for his reaction for appropriate investigation report before my release, but he should allow the rule of law to take its course because all the cases are already in court, and the police do not have any reason to reopen the case if not for a witch-hunt and persecution at all costs, as I have already been charged in two different courts,” he said.

On Mike Utomi, who was said to have engaged Kazeem Salami All Rounder, Ibile said, “I commit them into the hands of the almighty God because they are everywhere parading forged documents, and now that I understand that the police in FIB just want them to continue forceful taking over. I will seek redress in a court of law.”

In a recent press briefing, Ibile vehemently refuted allegations of assault, murder, and land grabbing propagated by his detractors.

He labeled the online campaigns as pure envy from certain elements, who cannot stand his fast success in the real estate business in Ibeju-Lekki and Epe area, and are determined to tarnish his reputation.

Ibile cited multiple petitions and defamatory attempts orchestrated by Dotun Hassan, including what led to what the media painted as the assault of an alleged hired assassin, Samsideen Oluwo aka Ese Olobo. Police investigations reportedly vindicated Ibile, revealing Oluwo’s ties to one of Ibile’s adversaries in person of one Murphy Adebare Ademoye aka Topaz Gardens, who was alleged and confirmed to have engaged Samsudeen Oluwo to assassinate Ibile by the police investigation report and also the DPP legal advice of which the failure led to the viral video of dehumanization.

Furthermore, Ibile challenged his accusers, calling for a transparent investigation, not the type of the one before the DIG Habu Sanni, who chose to detain his person to please media trial and also handed over the company properties to land grabbers while he keeps the owner in police cell for no reason, even when he is fully aware that all the cases are a duplication of what the police have fully investigated and issued opinions on.

He expressed readiness to cooperate fully with the authorities to uncover the truth. “They are bankrolling on a false kidnapping alert, lying to the police with fake witnesses just because they had been able to use media to bastardize the police management’s minds”, he added.

Addressing the alleged land dispute with the Awujale, Ibile maintained his innocence, affirming his respect for the monarch. He clarified that he had willingly offered a portion of his land to the Awujale, dismissing claims of conflict.

In a bold stance against his antagonists, Ibile asserted his commitment to seeking justice and urged the public to scrutinize the motives behind the defamation campaigns.

In light of the ongoing legal battles, Ibile remains resolute in his pursuit of truth and justice, vowing to defend his integrity against all odds.

Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa