Movie Producers, Marketers Unite For Quality Production And Distribution

Yoruba Nollywood scene

Due to lack of umbrella association, lack of quality control, piracy and division, some movie stakeholders are looking for solutions to problems facing the industry. s, Why are people losing interest in watching Yoruba movies and what are the solutions?

A renowned movie marketer, Mr. Quasim Abiola Oderinde  spoke on challenges militating against the appropriate positioning for Yoruba filmmaking and marketing in Nigeria.

“We are thirsty for a fast solution

to our filmmaking problems and issues between producers and marketers in our industry. These gave birth to this association known as The Unique Movie Producers and Marketers Association not Nigeria (TUMPMAN)”, he said.

Oderinde said, “Not just like other association, TUMPMAN is established to set standard for quality production and efficient movie distribution home and abroad.

“Our association is discussing issues pertaining to quality movie productions and efficient movie distributions from time to time, the problems facing the movie industry, how to tackle them and we’ll be taking actions immediately”, he concluded.

According to Mr Busayo Odu (Integrity Marketer), Acting Director of Media, Planning and Strategy, “Some quick resolutions were approved by the executives and members of the association after a quick public survey on “Why people lose interest in watching Yoruba movies and what are the solutions”?

The following are our resolutions:

1). TUMPMAN members must not buy substandard movies from producers. Once any producer produces a substandard job, he/she should find alternative market.

2). TUMPMAN to employ those who will be vetting scripts of the productions. Any independent producer who may like to make use of the script vetting committee may do so at minimum cost.

3). Experienced producers and film makers should recommend competent crew members for TUMPMAM that can be contracted to shoot the movies their members want to sponsor.

In addition to this, TUMPMAN has decided not to release more than 10-15 movies monthly and any movie that will be released through the structure of TUMPMAN must pass through screening by experienced film makers.