Missy Ewa Couture Rules London Indigenous Designs



Indigenous designs brand, Missy Ewa Couture London is presently setting the pace in the fashion world in London. The outfit, located at Barrass Close, Enfield London, has become a force to reckon with in

According to Francis Ayodeji Apata Johnson, the brain behind the
outfit, ‘the outfit is a family fashion business established in 2012 under the name Craftsman fashion in North London, Initially, we kicked off by doing assortment planning to buy top designers fashion items cheaply and on discount from Italy, France and Turkey and resell them in London those years stylish French and Italian outfit in menswear and women’s wear were hard to come by’.
He said further; ‘we took the opportunity to replace Trussardi Jeans
with nice Armani and Versace clothing on the streets among close
friends through word-of mouth and car booth sale. After a year we
signed up to collect information at the Enfield business centre in
association with Barclays Bank and Business Link’s seminars for advise
on accessories manufacturing in the UK and Europe’, adding that, “in 2014, the rebranding of Craftsman Fashion operation as Missy EWA London started with a radical transformation from a retailer to an independent fashion brand capable of doing just-in-time manufacturing of women’s wear for the Diaspora fashionistas.”


-Damilola Elemoro