Meet The Brain Behind Adron Homes Commercials, Oluwakemi Arewa


shares her 14 years experience

When one take a good look at the TV Commercials, Radio Commercials and some of the media skits of Adron Homes; the groundbreaker homes merchant in Africa, one would begin to wonder if the brains behind them are not Nigeria’s, such quality as believed comes from foreigners who are vast in that aspect but shockingly, the brain behind them isn’t far-fetched, they are all the ideas and contents of Oluwakemi Arewa, the Group Head, Brand and Corporate communications for Adron Group; she also doubles as PR executive and consultant for the leading real estate merchant.

Oluwakemi Arewa didn’t just come into the business from nowhere; she has been into the Media world for over 14 years of serious practice. She started in 2005 with Eko FM, after having her National Diploma Programme at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, she started three different programs with EKo FM, she later joined Continental TV services; owners of TVC and Radio Continental and got promoted six     months later as a presenter on radio, and on TV. She had a radio program called entertainment weekly, a TV program called showbiz weekly, and was also reporting the news, due to her potentials. All these happened between 2007 – 2009.

For her, working for Adron Homes isn’t just about how much she is paid; it’s about adding value to humanity.

In her words ‘’ Adron Homes and Properties is the number 1, I joined Adron because of its vision in terms of meeting shelter needs. I saw the vision and the passion and also the value they add.

I believe in value, it comes before money, if you add value, people will respect you. I calls Aare Adetola Emmanuel (GMD) my dad because whenever I look at him, I see intelligence, I see a mentor, I see an Inventor, because he’s is hardworking, and also a philanthropist who has affected our society in a positive way. The upmost trust he placed in my abilities makes me always go the extra miles to get things done, I do overtime because I connect to his vision and objectives. It’s a privilege to be at this position’’.

It would be recalled that Adron Homes held one of the biggest concert of 2018 recently called ‘Festival of Lemon’, the concert remains one of the most talked about and this is due to the kind of commercials that were put out to make people get to know about it even before it took place; the kudos goes to her and her content. She also spoke about how she went about it and also one of the promo she worked on.

“Festival of lemon was big; we had a lot of advantage because we put together the programme for staff and clients. We deployed an emotional approach to advertising and also played with numbers.

We created an exciting and informative content for TV and radio via the use of jingles and of course we also talked about bonuses, benefits and free gifts

Everyone was really interested because everything we talked about on TV and radio was genuine.

  It was big, we had to use what we have; we have the A list artists, so we used them to create content. For TV, we used their songs; there’s was a voice over that talked about the benefits, aside the fact that we were giving land, we gave home appliances too; everyone would want to benefit.

For the Independence promo, we played on the strategy of product benefit and bonuses while telling stories adaptable to each of our ambassadors, this made it easy for the public to relate with the brand.”

However, it is not just out of the ordinary that one cooks up such amazing contents, she talked about what inspires her.

‘’God is my inspiration, I draw my inspiration from him; when I pray, I see things; when I read the bible, I see things, it’s like they are putting a video of things I need to do in my head, I hear things when I’m working, I just feel it, that’s why I don’t stop, I don’t get distracted, and it’s also a matter of exposure. If you are a content person, you need to read wide, look at what people do, I watch what other companies does, I see how they organize their advert, it might not be the same way but you will get your creativity and put things together’’

She also speaks about her next level

“I want to emerge, evolve and take over, my vision is to be the next big thing in the world of PR in Nigeria and beyond, I’m looking forward to becoming a global champion in the world of PR and advertising. This requires that I constantly upgrade myself, my skills and the knowledge I have right now. It’s very important because, to be the light in any sector you have to shine and to shine you need to be connected to constant energy. Energy in real sense simply means information, skills upgrade,and constant education

When you stop learning, you start dying. So for me, I’m constantly taking steps to progress.”

Oluwakemi Arewa