In Ondo State, Nigeria, today, the name Dauda Momoh Jimoh rings louder than any other in curing different kinds of illnesses the traditional way.  Jimoh who is popularly known as ‘The Doctor’ for his expertise in the field, hails from Ikare-Akoko, a major town in the outskirts of the Ondo State capital city, Akure.

One particular area of healing however stands Jimoh out; mental illness.

Sources who are familiar with the native doctor’s practice told this magazine that he is most respected and acknowledged in curing madness.

Jimoh, in an interview with journalists, boasted about his God-given ability to cure mental disorder ‘no matter the years of affliction or level.

“I am a traditional doctor who believes in the power of herbs and I am saying it with confidence that there is no sickness that cannot be cured by roots and leaves”, he states, adding that God created the leaves for the use of mankind. Besides Lunacy and stroke, ‘The Doctor’ is also specialized in curing epilepsy. These three areas, we gathered, no other native doctor does it better than him.

” It is God who blessed me with the power. These three deadly sicknesses I can cure within a very short period of admission. I cure mental sickness within six weeks, whether by inheritance, spiritual attack or through hard drugs.

Asked if he took over the job from his father, the famous healer said; ” My father was not a physician or a traditional healer, it is a gift from God. At my tender age, I had the ambition of traveling out of the country to become a lawyer but all my efforts to achieve this was abortive. I never knew God had another plan for me until I started dreaming. It is from that dream that I got to know what leaves are capable of healing,” concludes Jimoh who has practiced traditional healing for 26 years.

He can be reached on 08153744480.

-Rahman Is’mail