She was silent. She studied me closely and simply shook her head. “You know what, Anita, I think you just got scared, that’s all,” she said to me. “Truth of the matter is that, the only option available to you to get rid of the pregnancy and forget this whole mistake ever happened. And let me tell you the truth, if you don’t deal with this mistake you have made now and give this pregnancy to MD, you may not be able to survive the ‘wahala’ if something happens tomorrow and the truth about the paternity of the child is revealed.”

She was absolutely right. There could be serious problems in future, should I decide to give MD another man’s child. I let out a heavy sigh, there had to be a way out. I didn’t know what it could be but I knew and hoped there would be a way out.

“Thanks, Aunty, I will think some more about it,” I assured her.

“You had better do so fast, my dear, you don’t have time on your hands. Once your husband gets wind of the fact that you’re pregnant, knowing him, he would immediately hold a thanksgiving party. The man needs you to give him as many kids as you possibly can, so don’t go and raise his hopes by letting him find out you’re pregnant, only for you to turn around and evacuate the pregnancy and dash his hopes of having another child from you.”  

“Okay, Aunty, I understand, and I know you’re very right. I will do something about it fast,” I told her. “Please, let’s go home now, I am so tired and hungry.”

She engaged the gear and flung the car onto the road. Some 30 minutes later, we got home, and MD was still in the house, waiting. But I noticed he wasn’t looking cheerful when I stepped inside.

“And where are you coming from? I thought you said you won’t be long!” MD raged at me the moment I stepped inside the room.  

I took a long look at MD, he wasn’t kidding with me, he was truly very upset. And he had every right to be. I had really spent a lot more time than I thought I would and that’s largely because of the distance of the clinic Aunty took me to. I didn’t know it was that far.

“I’m sorry, MD. I didn’t know we would take that long, the place was quite far and there was no…”

“Why do you go in the first place?” MD interjected before I was done explaining to him.

“If you had any iota of respect for me, you wouldn’t have gone out with that lady in the first place, knowing your husband is here to see you.” MD continued.

He was right, I shouldn’t have gone out, leaving him in the house when he’d actually come to see me and spend time with me.

“I said I’m sorry, my darling, I really am. Please forgive me,” I leaned forward and hugged him, wrapping my arms round his body. I was sure that would calm him down. And it did, a little.

“Okay, I’ve heard you,” MD said, slowly breaking my hug.

“So, where are the goods you went to buy, he asked.

That was when I realised I’d actually lied I was going to buy some stuffs. What was I supposed to tell him now? MD’s such a smart guy, I have to be careful!

MD was watching me closely. Even though he was visibly upset with me, I could tell he was still in firm control of his senses. He was probing into me with his penetrating eyes and apparently watching out for only body language that could give me away. It is true that MD loves me to bits, but I also know that he’s nobody’s fool, not even mine!

“MD, please, take it easy, you’re sounding very angry with me,” I tried to calm him down. But he didn’t look like a man who would be that easy to calm down on this occasion. He wasn’t yelling at me, neither was he in any fit, but he was a man who was not only livid, but was also very pissed with his woman.

“I am taking it easy, Madam, as you can see, I am not screaming or anything,” he returned, still looking me straight in the eyes.”

“All I’m demanding for is an answer where are the goods you said you were going to buy that you took so long to return?”

If I didn’t know better, I would’ve said the man knew exactly what was going on and was only toying with me. But I knew he didn’t know anything about what was going on, he was only furious that I insisted I was going to go where I needed to go, not minding the fact that he had come home to spend quality time with me.

“Listen, MD, I will explain what happened to you…”

“Go on, I’m listening”, he’d interjected before I was done talking.

I let out a heavy sigh and then continued.” By the time we got there, the lady had sold most of the quality materials that she had. The ones I met were not of high quality and I did not want to buy something that I will have difficulty in selling to people at the end of the day. That’s why I could not buy anything. But she has asked us to come back in another couple of weeks when she’d have gone on another trip.”

MD listened to me quietly without interrupting me. His face was still hard and stern so I couldn’t tell if he bought my story or not.

“Are you done now?” I wasn’t expecting that sort of response. It’s like MD was far from believing my story.

Yes, dear, that was what happened,” I’d answered a little nervously.

The man was quiet. He seemed to be processing all of that. Then he fired the salvo I wasn’t expecting.

“Anita, are you sure you’re not seeing another man?”

…to be continued