He was right, I shouldn’t have gone out, leaving him in the house when he’d actually come to see me and spend time with me.

“I said I’m sorry, my darling, I really am. Please forgive me,” I leaned forward and hugged him, wrapping my arms round his body. I was sure that would calm him down. And it did, a little.

“Okay, I’ve heard you,” MD said, slowly breaking my hug.

“So, where are the goods you went to buy, he asked.

That was when I realised I’d actually lied I was going to buy some stuffs. What was I supposed to tell him now? MD’s such a smart guy, I have to be careful!

MD was watching me closely. Even though he was visibly upset with me, I could tell he was still in firm control of his senses. He was probing into me with his penetrating eyes and apparently watching out for only body language that could give me away. It is true that MD loves me to bits, but I also know that he’s nobody’s fool, not even mine!

“MD, please, take it easy, you’re sounding very angry with me,” I tried to calm him down. But he didn’t look like a man who would be that easy to calm down on this occasion. He wasn’t yelling at me, neither was he in any fit, but he was a man who was not only livid but was also very pissed with his woman.

“I am taking it easy, Madam, as you can see, I am not screaming or anything,” he returned, still looking me straight in the eyes.”

“All I’m demanding for is an answer where are the goods you said you were going to buy that you took so long to return?”

If I didn’t know better, I would’ve said the man knew exactly what was going on and was only toying with me. But I knew he didn’t know anything about what was going on, he was only furious that I insisted I was going to go where I needed to go, not minding the fact that he had come home to spend quality time with me.

“Listen, MD, I will explain what happened to you…”

“Go on, I’m listening”, he’d interjected before I was done talking.

I let out a heavy sigh and then continued.” By the time we got there, the lady had sold most of the quality materials that she had. The ones I met were not of high quality and I did not want to buy something that I will have difficulty in selling to people at the end of the day. That’s why I could not buy anything. But she has asked us to come back in another couple of weeks when she’d have gone on another trip.”

MD listened to me quietly without interrupting me. His face was still hard and stern so I couldn’t tell if he bought my story or not.

“Are you done now?” I wasn’t expecting that sort of response. It’s like MD was far from believing my story.

Yes, dear, that was what happened,” I’d answered a little nervously.

The man was quiet. He seemed to be processing all of that. Then he fired the salvo I wasn’t expecting.

“Anita, are you sure you’re not seeing another man?”

It was the last thing I’d expected him to say. I was not expecting it. I couldn’t even tell what he saw that made him say what he said. Did he suspect something already? Has the man noticed something strange about my behaviour lately? I was really worried, but I also know I had to be careful.

“MD, Please, can you say again what you said just now?” I’d shot back at him, feigning anger.

“Please, MD, repeat what you just said because I’m not sure I heard you well.”

MD looked angrily at me with a large scowl on his face and snapped in response.

“Anita, are you asking me to repeat myself? Is that it?” he’d retorted.

“Okay, no problem. I asked you before and I’ll ask you again, are you seeing another man?”

I looked away from him the moment he fired the question at me a second time. I felt a big pang of guilt strike my heart. Deep inside of me, I knew the man was right. His allegation was on point, but I dared not admit so before him otherwise all hell would be let loose and that would not be funny at all.

“MD, are you in any way accusing me of cheating on you? Are you calling me a cheat?” I’d found my nerves and fired at him, looking him straight in the eyes.

MD met my gaze, looking me straight in the eyes too.” I have not called you any name, all I’ve done is ask you a simple question that requires a simple answer, “Yes or No!” That’s all.

I quickly thought of a response to give to him, looking for what would put me on the offensive rather than on the defensive. And I found one.

“So, MD, because I went out to see someone for a possible business arrangement and I came back a little longer than expected, that automatically means I must be seeing another man, right?”

Or, is there something else to this apart from what just happened today? Have I done something else that made you reach that conclusion and accuse me of something I have no idea of? Perhaps, I should be the one asking the questions, MD, what is going on? Are you seeing another woman?”


…to be continued