Loyalty Must Not Push You To Fight Other Person’s War – Ali Baba Warns


Ali Baba, a Nigerian comedian has highlighted the one mistake to avoid in life.

On his Instagram page, he emphasized that no one should ever allow them to be recruited to injure someone who has never mistreated them.

He stated that only a fool inherits other people’s enemies as a gesture of loyalty.

Ali Baba noted that he had reconciled with the person; nevertheless, his detractors conspired with him to badmouth him, and they are now gossiping about the person.

He wrote,

“One mistake you should never make in this life is to allow yourself to be recruited by someone, to hate another person who hasn’t wronged you. Only a fool inherits other people’s enemies as a sign of loyalty”.

Now, that person that you collaborated with to keep malice with me, we are now back on gist term… and I now know what you said, and I am wowed”.