Linda Ikeji Changes Son’s Name To Father’s Name


Popular blogger Linda Ikeji has clarified why her son, Jayce will continue to bear her surname rather than his father’s.

Ikeji mentioned that this has been the case since the birth of her now six-year-old son and that he is free to change his surname when he comes of age.

She shared this on her Instagram on Tuesday while praising her son’s cousin, Ryan Kanu, whom she described as “the best little human ever!”.

“Jayce Ikeji and Ryan Kanu take Disney/Marvel Paris. Cousins, best friends, and practically growing up together as brothers.

Their love for each other is incredible, and when they can help it, they are inseparable! Ryan is literally the best little human ever!

They’ve been on a few vacations together in the past but this is the first one they will remember as they are nearly 6 and 7 now,” she wrote.

Some netizens criticized her decision to keep her surname for her son, arguing that it goes against African culture. In response, Ikeji said, “Just to be clear, I’ve NEVER ever had to change my son’s surname.

He’s been an Ikeji right from when he was born! Where do I have the time or patience to be changing names? Changing or keeping his surname (Ikeji) will be up to him when he is of age.”

Linda Ikeji gave birth to Jayce in an Atlanta hospital in Georgia, United States in 2018. There have been reports that oil magnate Sholaye Jeremi is the father of her son and Ikeji has confirmed that her relationship with Jeremi is over.