Lifestyle: Why Women Snatch Other Women’s Husbands  +Types of men that can be snatched

Lifestyle: Why Women Snatch Other Women’s Husbands +Types of men that can be snatched

Woman catches up with her husband’s alleged mistress

Real men adore their wives and are hard to snatch. They don’t give a damn about other women outside their marriage; whether they are celebrities who flaunt their often bogus thighs and smiles endlessly at them or so-called stars who promise to lift them from being wretches.


Most husband snatchers become popular only when they have perfected their art; snatching happily married men. However, while many of them live well in their invented ‘happy marriage’, we never stop judging. We never take it kindly with them because, out of the many single and divorced men around, these rather secluded, love-sick women pick a family man.


You really never know who a husband snatcher is until you hear the other woman mourning about her stolen husband. Age doesn’t come into play; they cut across all age brackets. It is, however, important to note that not all husbands can be stolen. Boyish husbands only are the ones who are stolen. A foolish husband volunteers to be snatched. He offers himself to other women and stops loving his wife or wives for no practical reasons.


Is not it shocking to see a family man of many years abandoning his wife for another woman? Suddenly, his wife or wives and children become distant objects, he acts like he never loved them and banishes every moment he had with them. He is easily flattered by the pretentious love towards him by the husband snatcher who never let him out of sight and calls him endlessly regardless of whether he is busy at work or not.



Husband snatchers come in many forms. Sisters do take sisters’ husbands. A trusted friend can turn round and run away with her friend’s husband. There are regular cases of top celebrities making away with other women’s husbands just like how a thief would snatch one’s purse because they feel the owner is carrying it carelessly around town.


Funny enough, they even fight hard to justify their action. Nobody owes anybody an explanation, they would assert. They live life oblivious of what they did and are never apologetic about what it took for them to be in their current position. While few of them succeed eventually and carry the day, many do settle for second wives, girlfriends and mistresses positions because they realize that the husband can’t be snatched.




While polygamy gives the wife a chance to share her husband and still have a say over her man, husband snatching leaves her hopeless. It’s like playing football and not drawing but losing without a score to your opponent. Thus, when wives find out that another woman is holding their husband’s gaze, they don’t let him go without a fight. They are ready to hold on longer because their children’s happiness and well-being are at stake.


However, while there’s nothing that can be done to ensure that the rate of husband snatching goes down, the key is for a man to be faithful to his marriage. And it’s important that women hold onto their husbands tightly.


-Laide Adewale