Lifestyle: Signs To Know A Socially Awkward Person

Lifestyle: Signs To Know A Socially Awkward Person


You will be surprised at the qualities that describe a socially whack person.


They include:

1.They read a lot. They spend time reading and alone.

2. They are very intelligent. Due to number one, they become very intelligent.


3. They do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend. The coolest people are dating. The socially whack is busy learning, improving themselves and getting better at life.

4. They feel awkward around people. They just hate public places.


5. They tend to appear funny. Yes, they appear like geeks and nerds, but they always hold something more inside.

6. They may be virgins. They hardly know love and relationships.


7. They tend to love animation. Many socially weird people watch animations even in their 30’s and 40’s. I know I do this a lot. I love Scooby Doo to date.

8. They buy a lot of take away food rather than eat at the hotel.


9. They feel nervous when hot women talk to them, even if all they want is to get directions.


10. They are very imaginative and creative. They dress differently. They are just out of the box people.

Being socially awkward is mostly a good thing. It tells a lot about you positively.


Don’t always try to fit in with people.