Lifestyle: Excuses, and Three Other Habits Standing in Your Way to Success

Lifestyle: Excuses, and Three Other Habits Standing in Your Way to Success


In a world that asks “what else do I do to be successful?”, those who turn around and walk in the opposite direction triumph.


What will separate the average person from the one who with patience and determination achieves his goals is to answer: “What should I put out of my life?” With clarity, firmness, and determination.

Tony Elumelu, chairman, UBA

Do you want to advance? This are habits that you must eradicate.


1.PROCRASTINATION: It is very common to leave for tomorrow what we can do today, but there is the next level in this idea, to leave for later what we can do now.


Resting is different from procrastinating. Don’t justify one by doing the other.


If you find yourself in this vicious circle where day after day you postpone important activities for no apparent reason. You must stop, review how much you want what you say you want, and adjust the plan.

Perhaps the reason for your procrastination is work overload to the point where you now feel wear and tear, at this point it is normal to postpone, our batteries need to be recharged. If this is the case, take the time to resume your productivity routine.


But if not, consider giving your TV to the neighbour and saying “no” for the first time to your friends when they invite you to the bar.

Eliminate activities that lead you to POSTPONE, replace them with those that encourage you to ACT, such as to.

a. Organize your office: Order brings clarity.

b. Take a shower: Body hygiene makes us more efficient.

c. Turn off the phone: The measure of your success is hidden in the time you separate from the world.

2. EXCUSES: An excuse is defined as a behaviour that you may have controlled, you decided not to. One reason, like something that got out of your hands.

It’s fun for me to hear someone say, “I had a personal inconvenience, that’s why I was late”, when they use the word “personal”, what they are saying to me in code is: Don’t ask me! When the absolute truth is that they fell asleep, left late, or did not mind leaving me waiting since for them it is “normal” not to be in a place on time.

“Does your phone work?” Asked them.


“Do you understand?”

These people as human beings are worth a lot, they have a purpose in life and they are a gift from God to the world, but in the professional world, they are garbage, disposable, and not worthy of any kind of trust.

There are those who need a reality check to achieve that purpose.

Who easily uses excuses for another, with themselves it must be something like breathing.

to. Put 1 naira in a container every time you use an excuse: When our pockets are touched, we react more quickly.

b. Withdraw 1 naira every time you are honest: The goal is to have the container empty by the end of the week.

c. Set the clocks ahead: 15–20 minutes will give you all the head start you need to avoid being late anywhere.


3.OBJECTIONS: Life is perspective. There are those who on a white wall with a small black point, only see the point, while others concentrate on the wall. A person looking for “buts” would never paint their wall white for fear of the point. But by painting it black, they now risk a red dot.


The objections are inspired by the fear of “what might happen.” They don’t travel because they could get sick, they don’t go out because they could be robbed, they don’t live because they could die.


We are slaves of our perception towards what surrounds us, to escape we must apply the following process.

to. Be grateful when you wake up : When you open your eyes, list

5 positive things in your life.

b. Watch no news: For many, doing this will fill their tank with happiness instantly.

c. Be thankful at bedtime: Before closing your eyes, list 5 things that happened that day.


We all have habits to eliminate, even those who have achieved some form of success struggle against not allowing procrastination, excuses and objections to return. It is a day-to-day job, rejecting harmful habits that gave us permission to live a life without responsibilities.


No one achieves anything meaningful without struggling, much of the way it will be a battle against ourselves.