LIFESTYLE: Crowds, Small Talks and Other Psychological Facts about Introverts

LIFESTYLE: Crowds, Small Talks and Other Psychological Facts about Introverts


We don’t care about your birthday.

Colleagues ‘ birthdays are not an event we look forward to. In fact, we don’t care about the personal celebration of a man we barely know. Of course, we will congratulate you along with the rest of the staff, but we will not stay at the “holiday” for long, using the first opportunity to go home.

And no need to throw a party on our holiday

Similarly, we do not need a corporate holiday on our birthday. We don’t like lavish parties with dozens of unfamiliar people who don’t really care about us. Most of us do not arrange loud holidays, but simply enjoy a pleasant evening in the circle of the closest people, carefully selected for such a personal event.

We don’t care about anything before you spend the weekend.

If you are not among close friends, we do not care what you did last weekend. We believe that everyone has the right to privacy and it is only his decision how he conducts it. If you decide to find out the relationship with the ex or get drunk in another club, we will not judge you. Just because we work together doesn’t mean we know you. And why waste energy, delving into the lives of strangers?

We hate crowds.

Large gatherings of people quickly tire us. We are prone to empathy (taking on the emotional state of another person) and therefore very quickly become overwhelmed by the activity that reigns around us.

We don’t like corporate events

We are forced to play the role of an attentive listener and an interesting interlocutor, to establish relations with people we do not know and do not care about. So we have to work hard to prepare for such events, making a huge effort. This is not a place where we can relax and enjoy the evening.

We have to pretend like we like you.

We know who we really like and who doesn’t (like all other people though). Moreover, we prefer honesty to feisty friendliness, but sometimes just have to pretend and be good to survive. And being good is much harder than being real.

We know what to do

We plan our own schedule, filling personal time with projects, meetings, work on new ideas. We appreciate loneliness, because it is at this time that we create things that can change not only our, but also your life.

We prefer to write

Most introverts prefer to communicate in writing rather than orally. So it is much easier for us to Express our thoughts and concentrate on the topic, because nobody interrupts us. Distractions during oral negotiations make us expend more energy and much strain. It is much easier to write e-mail – it is better for us and for you.

We feel safe with the right people

When we are surrounded by” our ” people, we are capable of everything. We achieve the best results in our work, hobby, and stand as a mountain for those we love. Our loved ones feed us with energy and help us move forward.

We have friends who really love us

Introverts love people, and people love us. But not everyone we know is our friends. If an introvert has a friend, it means that he deliberately chose it, and the friend knows about it. We can meet and meet new people, but we need to try hard to become our friend.

We can do the work of extroverts

If needed, introverts are as good as extroverts, and can organize and host a public event, give a speech, or play the role of “company soul” at a party. Many examples of this can be found in the book “Introverts. How to use the features of his character”, so that’s exactly what we can do. We just need more time to recover and do it again.

We are not shy, rude or anxious

Despite the fact that the first contact may have such an impression. But if you get to know us better, you will see that we are able to make you laugh and have an interesting conversation lasting more than 15 minutes. The only difference is that we don’t share it with everyone.

We’re good alone

We like to be alone with our thoughts and, unlike fellow extroverts, we don’t need other people to stimulate. We have enough energy of our own to work and invent something new. If necessary, we will come for help and ask for advice. We love being alone, and that’s fine.

We hate small talk.

We like to talk, to touch on really important topics, to discuss new ideas and opportunities. But we hate small talks that don’t make any sense. We consider this time wasted and rarely feel comfortable in small talk. Often, we just get bored.

We have decided to be with you – appreciate it

We value our personal time and space, and therefore we do not let everyone into it. Often we attract extroverts because they feed on our energy and we look for like-minded people among introverts to communicate and create something new. We respect our time and each other’s boundaries without affecting the personal space of others. If we are with you, then you are lucky.