Lekki Free Trade Zone Land Dispute Sparks Outrage, Beneficiaries Demand Justice

Lekki Free Trade Zone Land Dispute Sparks Outrage, Beneficiaries Demand Justice

Saheed Mosadoluwa

The Association of Free Trade Zone Parcel B Government Resettlement Families & Communities Beneficiaries, tagged Parapo of Abomiti, Yegunda, and Eyin-Osa, at a mega  press conference held on Wednesday at Epe Local Government Secretariat, Lagos State has addressed the several controversies and dispute involving allegations of land grabbing and fraudulent land sales which continues to escalate on their resettlement land.

The association also expressed unwavering support for Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa Abdullah Ibile and his company, Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Ltd., asserting that he had legitimately acquired a significant portion of the resettlement land. They categorically refuted allegations suggesting otherwise, terming them as misleading and deceptive.

The press statement made available to our reporter expressed profound concerns regarding the involvement of individuals like Murphy Adebare,  the chairman of Topaz Garden and Nola Adetola, better known as Itunu, in alleged land grabbing. It was claimed that these individuals had gone to the extent of engaging hired assassins and recruiting certain police officers to forcefully take possession of the land.

The Association called upon CSP Ishola Jejeloye, the Chairman of the Lagos Task Force, to carefully consider his association with individuals alleged to be involved in land grabbing. They emphasized that the land in question was designated as government resettlement land, and any unlawful actions were against the interests of the Lagos State Government.

The press release raised questions about the directives given by CP Idowu, particularly concerning the alleged forcible takeover of the land by Topaz and Itunu. Citing two separate police investigation reports and legal advice from the Attorney General of Lagos State, the Association challenged the propriety of these actions.

The beneficiaries asserted that they had never sold land to Murphy Adebare (Topaz Garden), Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi, or Dotun Hassan. They also disassociated themselves from land transactions involving Nola Adetola (Itunu/Veritasi), condemning such transactions as fraudulent and conducted under false pretenses.

The Association further expressed deep concerns about the involvement of certain parties, including Yahaya Ayodele, Araba Shoye, Oba Ganiyu Awokoya, Muraina Banjoko (Threeco), and Oba Olusegun Awokoya, in alleged alienation of their resettlement beneficiaries without consent. These actions were claimed to have facilitated fraudulent real estate transactions that endangered unsuspecting buyers.

However, Urgent action was requested from the Epe Local Government to intervene by petitioning relevant agencies. The beneficiaries alleged that certain individuals had forged agreements with landgrabbers disguised as police officers, colluding with Murphy Adebare of Topaz Garden and Nola Adetola in their unlawful activities.

 The press release clarified that the tenure of the Central Working Committee (CWC) as an ad hoc committee had expired. While initially empowered to represent their interests, the CWC was alleged to have acted against their interests, including selling land without consent and diverting compensation funds for personal gain. The beneficiaries distanced themselves from these actions.

The beneficiaries reaffirmed their support for Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa Abdullah Ibile and his company, Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Ltd., emphasizing his commitment to their welfare and security.

The Association addressed allegations made by certain individuals, including Dotun Hassan, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi, and Adeyinka Igbinoba, which had been published in various media outlets. They asserted that these allegations were unfounded and propagated to tarnish Mr. Saheed Mosadoluwa Ibile’s reputation.

The Resettlement Families & Communities Beneficiaries  underlined their commitment to protecting the rights and interests of genuine resettlement beneficiaries and landowners despite ongoing disputes.

The call was made for relevant authorities to conduct thorough investigations into the matter and take appropriate actions to ensure justice prevails. The Association highlighted the collective responsibility to preserve the rule of law and safeguard the rights of legitimate landowners and investors.

This contentious land dispute remains a developing situation, with further investigations anticipated as authorities delve into the claims and allegations made by all involved parties.