Kwara-Based Cleric Wants Corrupt Leaders Ostracized  


Christian and Islamic  leaders in the country have been asked  to shun  hate speech and  help to promote peace in the country.

They have also been told  not to henceforth celebrate corrupt leaders and  that they should stop honouring them with chieftaincy titles .

Bishop of Anglican Communion , Kwara state, Sunday Adewole,  stated this  at a one-day dialogue on security  organized by the Kwara state government at the Kwara Hotels, Ilorin, on  February 13, 2020.

‘Don’t celebrate corrupt leaders if they bring money tell them you don’t need it’ he said.

The Bishop particularly emphasized a need for security agents to protect confidential and sensitive information sourced from members of the public, this, if done will make them have trust in the security operatives.

He also said the collapse of the family system and values have helped to encourage corruption and crimes.