Kreek Internationals Launches A More Efficient, Cost-Effective Simple Communication Solution, ‘Kreek Send SES’



Kreek International Tuesday announced the launch of Kreek Send, a new Email and SMS communication automation service.



Kreek Send offers robust mobile tools and responsive templates to help businesses design, automate, and manage communication with customers via Email, SMS, and Social media at the lowest rates in the industry. This unified offering differentiates Kreek Send from what the industry currently offers.




KreekSend is a more efficient, lightweight and definitely a cost-effective alternative to Mailchimp and Sendinblue.This solution is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, schools and religious institutions who need to reach out to, and communicate effectively with their customers and members globally. The low-cost integrated approach ensures that businesses maximize their returns on marketing.





“We have identified a gap in the marketing automation and communication solutions market for SMEs, and we are keen filling that space with the right tools. The goal is simple; to empower SMEs to reach consumers on their preferred channels with targeted, personalized, and relevant omnichannel communication” says Suzzy Dziedzorm Tettey, COO at Kreek Africa and Kreek Send.



Features and benefits of Kreek Send include; Free templates and tools to generate Email newsletter, SMS, and Social Media communication that articulates business value, quality, service, and ultimately trust. Analytics to understand client behavior, business needs and helps highlight appropriate solutions that will address such problems.





A cost effective and emotive omnichannel communication solution that provides Intelligence to understand customer preferences, trends and behaviors in order to innovatively respond.



Business Value
Intelligently generate, automate and deliver content through Email, SMS, and social media on a single platform.



Speedy delivery of message with a 99% deliverability rate.


Design interactive and professional communication on all channels with creative and targeted images and GIF, quiz and survey templates.


Automate behavior-driven communication such as welcome series, nurture series, anniversaries, and user verification.
Schedule these unique communications on all channels by defining customer journeys.
Segment customers based on engagement with content and tailor content to the different segments.


Understand those who open your messages and those who click on links.
Reward customer behavior to build brand loyalty.


Track user behavior with open tracking, device tracking, location tracking, and click-through behavior.


Detailed analytics to understand customer behavior with insight that reduces customer churn.




Kreek Send is live already with a one-month free premium subscriptions for the first 500 subscribers. Subscription packages range from a free essential package to a $38 monthly subscription package for premium subscribers.
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About Kreek Send
In today’s digital era, the expectations of consumers who are always digitally on continues to rise. Companies have shifted focus to digital marketing and advertising campaigns to compete for the attention of fickle consumers who are so empowered today that they expect exceptional, over-the-top experiences.




Kreek Send is a service built on top of Kreek Africa’s offering to businesses. The strategy is to leverage on a growing business community to push innovations that truly make businesses smarter.




The economic growth of the world is flourishing with rapidly growing SMEs. This cloud-based, cost-optimized, and subscription-based communication tool will disrupt SME communication and marketing.