KASHAMU TO JONATHAN: “Don’t Bring More Chaos, Sheriff Is PDP Leader



Mr. Buruji Kashamu, senator representing Ogun East, has accused former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, of disrespecting Ali Modu Sheriff, who by law is the authentic chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).


Himself a strong pillar in the Ogun State chapter of the PDP, Kashamu, said that Jonathan disrespected Modu-Sheriff when he disregarded the court of appeal judgment which upheld Modu-Sheriff as the authentic chairman of PDP.


“Sheriff did not disrespect Jonathan by walking out of the stakeholders meeting that held on Thursday,” a report quoted Kashamu on Sunday, adding that, “Sheriff was only angry that he was not regarded as chairman of the party. I am honestly shocked and surprised that the former president could preside over a meeting where the judgment of the court of appeal was being disregarded as irrelevant. This cannot be the face of a party that is desirous of seeking a break with the past. Going by the accounts of what I have heard happened at the meeting, I think it was a needless gathering that has reopened healing wounds and further exacerbated the crisis,” Kashamu reportedly stated.


The PDP moneybag was said to have also asked how could anyone gather over 400 people for a reconciliation meeting and expect any meaningful deliberations, adding that any PDP meeting that fails to recognize what the party’s laws and the courts have said about the leadership crisis is on a wrong footing and premise, and it will breed more chaos and confusion such as we have seen.


He added; “Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is the national chairman of the PDP as of today based on the court of appeal judgment and everybody is bound to abide by that whether we like it or not. You cannot call shareholders’ or board of directors meeting and say the chairman of the board cannot participate or preside over the meeting.”


-Akin Alade