June 2020; A Month of Relationship problems and Division in Nigeria  by Scherey M. Momoh.



–—- “Life is an adventure — –Live it. “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Changing with time is to be dynamic.

Dynamism is to be in conformity with every change.

—-”Team spirit or Unity is Nigeria’s biggest weakness. Lacking oneness, Lacking cooperation and direction or vision, Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria, their leaders are their main problems.” Nigeria’s destiny is in the hands of Nigerians.

—-”Nigeria needs both spiritual rebirth and Restructuring the constitution (The rule of Law), More importantly, Nigeria needs God’s Forgiveness because of  bloodshed, killings to be in power, killings in God’s name , killings for money rituals. Nigeria is prone to Hypocrisy, Fanaticism, Tribalism, Nepotism, evil of all kinds, greed, avarice and corruption. Nigeria needs a name change and rewriting her rule of law’. (constitution). The present Nigerian structure or system is enslaving majority of Nigerians.

—- “80% of the root causes of problems in Nigeria are spiritual in nature. Understand how the spiritual dimension affects our lives”.

—-Never you give sorrows nor take sorrows.

—-when we fight against who we are, we create our own blockages.

—If you do not design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else plan.

June 2020; A Month of Relationship problems and Division in Nigeria  by Scherey M. Momoh.

—-A month of political problem and partnership issues in  Nigeria.

——New Moon on June  21,  2020.

———-Full moon on July 5,  2020.

The month of June 2020 begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Tuesday with a total of 30 calendar days according to the Gregorian calendar. This is a month of hidden warning, sudden dangers, trials, deception, hidden secret of disunity, disintegration, things that will be considered imperfect and lack of spontaneity and grief through life partner.  We will be seeing a disorganization of system and the disorder or chaos of things. The month is also associated with bad omen, dark energy, power play and fearless adventures. The energy of June makes one to be cruel, dominating, violent and stubborn and on Health watch out for endocrine imbalance, catarrh infections. The month of June 2020 also exposes the poor living condition and welfare of many Nigerians people who are suffering from abject poverty, housing  problem,  hunger, lack of care and problem of leadership to the people. Mercury Retrograde beginning from June 17 – July 12, 2020  which rules  all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. It also rules all formal contracts and agreements as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills and so forth. If you are having these dealings from the said period, you may experience misfortunes, robberies, self-defeats and malfunctioning. Mercury Retrograde is in the water signs, For Cancer Souls: You’re Dealing With The Karmic Situations Affecting Your Well being. Scorpio Souls: You’re Sexually Liberating Yourself and Reflecting On The Value Of True Intimacy and lastly Pisces  Souls: You’re Learning How To Take Charge Of Your Personal And Professional Life.

The month of June 2020 highlights the following themes below—


–  Imperfection.





—Accidents. Fires. Boat accidents.



—-The unexpected danger that may loom.

–     Electricity.

–    Energy.

–     Betrayal issues.

–    All leadership challenges.

—Women and men mysteries.

—-Domestic and family challenges.

—–Securities issues.


–   Rainstorm, Thunderstorm

–    Protests.

–    Greed and problem of material greed in Nigeria..

–    And hospitals doctors welfare, government and anything relating to government activity and properties.

June 2020 in Nigeria gives  warning of hidden dangers trials and treachery from others.

The month of June 2020 is prone to  manipulation, deception, unstable and gullible circumstances. Betrayal of trust, association, groups, partnerships, political group, families and lovers etc.

Places and cities in news for June 2020 are—

Abuja, Abia,Akure, Anambra, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Borno, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Enugu,  Katsina, Lagos, Nassarawa, Calabar, Kogi, Ekiti, Niger, Damaturu, Maiduguri, Ondo, Oshogbo, Ibadan, Gusau,  Jos, Jigawa, Taraba, Yenogua, Makurdi, plateau, Taraba, Uyo, Umuahia etc.

Days of Action—-  June 8, June 17, June 26.

Days of changes—– June 3, June 12, June 21. June 30.

Days of challenges—  June 5, June 14, June 23, June 4, June 13, June 22.


If you are not led by the spirit of God or your intuitive voice, you may be a victim of these evil dates. Here are the dates prone to evil in this month of June.

June 2, 2020.

June 11, 2020.

June 20, 2020.

June 29, 2020.

June 22, 2020.

June 4, 2020.

June 13 , 2020.

June 22, 2020

June 3, 2020

June 12, 2020.

June 21, 2020.

June  30, 2020.

June  6, 2020.

June 15, 2020.

June  24, 2020.

June  7, 2020.

June 16, 2020.

June 25, 2020.

June 8, 2020.

June 17, 2020.

June  26, 2020.

June  9, 2020.

June  18, 2020.

June 27, 2020.

These evil dates in Nigeria bring bad news, accidents, fatalities, injuries, plane-crashes, sorrows, disasters, self-defeats, bad weather, rain disasters, disappointments, premature deaths, sudden deaths, natural disasters, terror attacks, explosion or fire outbreak, bad luck, etc. The eve of these dates should not also be taken for granted too.

2020, The Year of Power, Authority and Atomic energy

—–The World and How the year 2020 will vibrate By Scherey M. Momoh.

2020 calendar year is a leap year and even year. The year is the 20th year of the new century. 2020 vibration is addressing wickedness, evil doers, hidden secrets, anti people/citizens, reforms in nations and economic and human welfare of citizens of nations of the world as a result of selfish interests of people in power in nations of the world. 2020 is drawn to the past. Persons born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st find the most unexpected twists and turns of fate playing upon their lives. The year is prone to road, air, water accidents of any kind and the year is prone to health challenges.

2020 energy is telling mankind and nations of the world to plan and prepare, As the saying goes; if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail and remained spiritually focused during the 2020 calendar. The year energy also warns on abusing power that destroys itself if used wrongly. The current century cycle of the world is all about forgiveness, problem solving, reforms, welfare to citizens/people, letting go of what does not work anymore and doing what works. Mankind is currently learning selflessness and compassion. The current cycle is a problem to leaders of nations who are still living in selfish interests, individual interests and being greedy. If mankind continue to act negatively, the world would continue  to witness loss of human life, anxieties, wars, animosity, fighting, wildfires, bush fires, accidents, disasters, tragedies, bad economic, betrayals, deceits, injustice, suicide, killings, bordering crisis, creating weapon of mass destruction, assassinations, expose, shame, foundation issues, scams, financial hardships, stealing or stealing from the citizens. The present century cycle in 2020 year mankind should expect to see  several changes, difficulties and hindrances in world affairs.

Note — Countries of the seven continents of the world are prone to economic problems and reforms.


—Karma, healing and hope.

–Security issues,

—Nations of the seven continents of the world prone to problems,

—Work, Labour issues.

—Planning issues,

—-End of evil doers, wicked leaders and wicked people.

—Killers, assassinations, murder, maim, mafias. Deaths toll is high in 2020 year.

—–likely war, opposition, Rebels.

—–control issues,

—–power issues,

—–Atomic issues,

—–Weapon of mass destruction,

—-Harsh economy

—-Almost nations of the seven continents have economic issues with their citizens.

—-wild fires, bush fires,

—–Road, air, water accidents

—–Protests, agitations, uprising,

——Loan, debt, shame.

—–Reforms,discovering, suicides,

——manifested world, hopeful, justice,

——-cunning, deceit,

——-Procrastination, judgmental attitude,

——-Bordering crisis, health challenges etc.

——The world is changing from negative to positive world.

Another way of looking at 2020 calendar year is for all those to be aware of excesses, having too much of everything can lead to boredom, need for stimulation. Moral and ethical guideposts are to be observed and obeyed or else expect the worst happening in life.

,Theme of [email protected] years energy vibration

–Record setting weather

—Bizarre weather




—-Volcanic activity

—-Fire out breaks. Fire disasters period..

—–Transportation issues.


——-Natural disasters.

—-common man or common woman

——cold, mean, carelessness.

—–Quarrels, disruption, upheavals, catastrophe.

—–The breakdown of existing forms, sudden unexpected changes, destruction of old structure and work false structures and finding true values.







——Information technology


——Global import and export






—–Misuse of power.

——Money/ power



——Serial killers

——-Religious (traditional)


—- spies

——-suicide attacks.

——Computer hackers

——accidents, disasters, fire out breaks. scandals,

—–Impetuous behavior, drifting, irresponsible conduct.

——Lack of consideration to the people. Too outspoken and ruthless.

——Rebellious, lawlessness, freedom from confinement.

—–Mental, suicide issues, tendency to scatter and lose focus.

—–Accidents of all kinds- road, water, air etc.

——sudden and dramatic change, upheaval, pride, liberation.

—–Divine intervention, stroke of fate, reversal of fortune.


[email protected] years would be going through a dramatic change, surprises and freedom loving from stagnation.  It is tagged year of youth revolution in Nigeria. The year age will test Nigeria whether she can manage her varieties as a nation. The nation will adopt a rather reflective and discriminating posture towards her citizens as well as her friends and allies. Secret deals of far reaching consequences later on are likely to be made during this age of Nigeria. The nation would also find skeletons coming out of its closets that may shock even the most patriotic citizens. The desire to gamble, to cheat and other related scam must be avoided.

Focus in Nigeria will be on administrations, business, gains, resourcefulness, government related businesses  etc. The Nigeria government would be more business and money minded than ever before without consideration.  [email protected] years is a devious and dishonest energy.

This is an age where particular people in power, a powerful position, having a title, government, banks, any stock exchange, investment companies,  brokerages, accounting firms, post office, police force, hospitals, religious groups, diplomats, embassies, consul generals, airports airlines, shipping companies, railways, any education institution, dairy or food growers, buyers, sellers, the military, armies, militants, a naval force, heads of oil companies, someone heading an organization etc. may be in the news.

Nigeria @ 59 years is good for speculation betting, it brings investing on silver even gold. People will live on nerve and crave for excitement and people should not over-strain their nervous system. Nigeria @ 59 years spirit is in charge. it is the energy of freedom, change and spontaneity.  Nigeria @59 years represents change and without change there is no growth. The age represents progress, expansion, freedom and willing to accept new thoughts and ideologies. The nation will face relationship problems both in politics and other organisations.

[email protected] 59 YEARS TIMELINE PERIODS

During the action and peak points, events and reactions take place; this brings tension, action and reaction or agitation in the Nigerian environment.

ACTION POINT ENERGY —— January 1st, 2020.

PEAK POINT ENERGY —- April  1st, 2020.

ACTION POINT ENERGY —— July  1st, 2020.

OCTOBER 2018 TO  FEBRUARY 2020—-The themes of this period are power, authority, false ideas, bondage  over material things or worldly possessions,  differentiating lust from love, desire for lust for power or  lust of the flesh, manipulation for selfish gains, pride, ego, vanity and other temptation for worldly glory. All these lead to nowhere except through soul consciousness or God’s consciousness. Nigeria needs to connect to God alone. The period brings National karma, protests, strikes, rebels, militancy, violence, deaths, bad influence, changes, secrets, emotions, sorrows, fatalities, misfortunes, tensions, stress, bigotry, fire, heat, gas, fuels and power issues.

FEBRUARY 2019 TO JUNE 2020— A period of  traveling, movement, trips abroad, issues concerning youths, sales, marketing, promotion either good or bad PR. calamities, the unexpected happening, bad omen, diplomatic challenges,  mood fluctuations, changes,  Dark energy,  Division, Disunity, stiff competition, ego, self-mentality,  material greed, rainfalls, waterfalls, weather problem, irresponsibility, illness, obituaries, funerals, fire, heat, gas, fuels, electricity issues dominate this period.

JUNE 2019 TO  OCTOBER 2020—A period of  bad omen, evil, negative vibration, food challenges, slow down of businesses and government businesses,  A call for structuring, women issues, domestic issues, poverty, living condition of an average Nigerian, flooding, rainfall, weather issues.


October 2019

December 2019.

January 2020.

March 2020.

April 2020.

June 2020.

August 2020.

ACTION MONTHS IN [email protected]

September 2019.

April 2020.

May 2020.

August 2020

NOTE —Changes in business (risk) dangers from fire, air, water–act with caution.


Likely places to be in the news in Nigeria are Abia, Adamawa, Akwa- Ibom, Cross River, Abakaliki, Benin City, Bauchi, Yenogoa, Delta, Ekiti, Taraba, Port Harcourt, Yobe, Imo, Benue, Borno, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Lagos, Kogi, Nassarawa, Ondo,Ibadan, Jos etc.


  1. The first turning point in Nigeria started from 1960 and ended in 1976.

2.The second turning point in Nigeria started in 1976 and ended in 1999.

  1. The third turning point in Nigeria started in 1999 till 2027.

The turning points are significant periods in Nigeria that are prone to the good, bad and ugly news.


1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

NOTE– The calendar year 2024, Nigeria may enter a new era of leadership, l see new leadership in Nigeria that may bring peace, love, unity, fairness or justice etc.


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