“I’ve Found Love” …Actress, Ogoma Obi

Nollywood actress cum singer, Ogoma Obi, better addressed as Princess, is one entertainer that can’t stop thanking God for His mercies on her. And the reason is not farfetched. The Oru, Imo born thespian survived an auto crash miraculously in 2015. The incident has since drawn her closer to God, and that’s the real reason she now came out with a new album, Ekeneya (Thanking God for Everything).
In this interview,  beautiful Ogoma speaks on this and other issues revolving around her life and career.
What’s going on now in your life and career?
I thank God, it’s been good so far. My acting career is going on fine. I just returned from Asaba for a movie on cultism in the university, the effects and how to curb cultism and all that. And presently as a musician, I just released two singles – contemporary gospel, Ekeneya and The Promise. And I am warming up to shoot a video for Ekenaya where I featured K-Light.
What informed the titled and what’s the meaning of Ekeneya?
Ekeneya means Thank God for everything about my life, career and family. It’s just about everything that has been happening in my life. I just need to tell my story of how I overcame everything that has happened and how God has brought me this far.
With a heart filled with gratitude, that’s what actually informed the title, Ekeneya. And if you listen to it, you will see how far God has taken me to and how much it took me to be where I am today. So, I am very grateful to God about everything around me life and career.
When exactly are you commencing work on the video?
I think by next week, I should be shooting the video. So, I am appealing to my fans to wait for the video to drop. That’s where they will see how and why I am praising God, telling my own story myself.
This one sounds like a gospel music but the other time we had a chat with you, it’s like you’re doing secular music. Why gospel now?
No, it’s not secular, I do gospel, inspirational and love songs. I do song that can be played at weddings, birthdays and all that. Even in the gospel album, I have some songs people can play at a wedding, birthday and other ceremonies.
You’re a singer and an actress, how do you jiggle the two?
The two are both demanding. But there’s one beautiful thing about entertainment, you still have a lot of time in your hands. Like I took a back seat from music for some time and went into acting. And once you go music, you don’t go back. It’s my first love and it keeps beckoning. And when those songs came into my heart, I got a conviction that it’s about time I tell the story. For me, gospel track in my album is not just music, it’s a testimony. You are telling a story. So, I am just giving a testimony, my own testimony of what God has done for me all this while. To me, telling it in the church alone is not enough. I feel every hear should hear my testimony. That’s what informed releasing the album.
What’s special about the testimony you’re hammering on?
My God! What’s special about it is awesome. I went through an auto crash. My car was damaged beyond repair but I came out alive. I couldn’t say this was how it happened like that, but I know it’s God. Also, my elder sister was diagnosed of last stage of cancer, but today she’s still alive hale and hearty. She also just released an album, telling her own story too. It’s all a miracle that no man can comprehend.
My sister’s cancer was so terrible that she couldn’t even walk, she was bedridden throughout. But if you see her now and they tell she suffered cancer, you won’t believe it. That’s how merciful the God we worship is. I can’t just hold back. I need to shout, I need to tell the story of God’s miracle in the family. That’s why I came out with the album.
When exactly did the accident happen and where?
It happened in 2015 on Ikorodu Road, Lagos. It’s a terrible one but God saved me. It’s beyond my knowledge how I came out uninjured. I never knew I could come out of it. It was those that witnessed it that told me the story because I was unconscious for hours. But I thank God, the whole thing has become history.
What’s the situation of the car now?
The car was a write-off. There was nothing to repair about it. So, since, you have been jumping okada and public buses or you have replaced the car?
(Laughs) That happened for a while but I have replaced the car. I thank God for that.
What’s the experience like doing without a car for that while?
It’s okay. That’s part of life experience. I don’t really see it as a bad thing. One of the good things in boarding public buses is that it makes you look fit. I could realize that when I was cruising around in my car, I was adding weight. But for the period I didn’t have a car, I looked fit. Though, it’s a bit tiring for some time, I have no reason to complain. Life can’t be 100 percent straight. There must be a bend somehow.
Let’s talk about your acting career. You have not really featured in movies recently, why? Or your music career is taking you off acting?
Not really. It’s just because there are some scripts I get that I don’t like. For example, all these internet movies. I mean movies that have some nude scenes or some kind of roles that are not godly, I turn them down. That’s why you don’t see me in so many movies recently. There’re some things you need to walk away from because of your image.
Your career as an actress has just spanned about four years and you have carved a niche for yourself. What would you say is working for you?
First, I will say God. Then, I think I am good at what I do. And I am very calm. I like to take corrections. I learn from others who’re better than me. I am a good listener. There are lots of people that don’t like to be corrected even when they’re going wrong. They just like repeating the same mistakes over and over in every role. And with that, you can’t move an inch as an actor.
Where do we see Ogoma in the next five years, career wise?
Oh God! Eyes have not seen yet, ears have not heard neither has it been conceived into the heart of any man what God has prepared for me. And I will tell you in the next few years, I am going to be celebrated all over. By God’s grace, I am going up conquer the whole world, getting everybody joining me and testifying, to what God has done in my life. No doubt, you must be close to 40 now…
(Cuts in) No, I am just in my mid 30s, I am not up to 40 yet o.
But you’re yet to settle down. Is that not giving you any sleepless night?
As a child of God, I think about it. I had a broken engagement and I took some times off. It wasn’t his fault nor mine fully. We both had a fair share of fault that led to the premature break-up. But I am someone that learns from my mistakes. So, I learnt from it. And I know in the next few months or before the year runs out, I will settle down by God’s grace.
That means you’re not searching? Yes, I am not searching. That I believe but I am still praying.
That means you have found a new man you’re committing into the hands of God?
Yes, there’s a man in my life. I am not searching at all.
You’re addressed as a princess, is it because of your sexy looks?
Not really, but I am a princess truly. My father was a king of my town, now late. He was the king of Obolo in Oru Local government area, Imo State, the late Eze B. E. Obi. He was also one time chairman of Oru local government and he was one of the people that created Oru Local government. So, if people call me princess, it’s not because of my looks but because I am from a royal family.