“It’s Time To Have Our Country Back” …Barr. Adeola Samuel-Ilori


A very blunt and concerned Nigerian has postulated that it is time for Nigerians to take actions and take the country back.  Calling on all Nigerians in this regard, Adeola Samuel-Ilori, Esq., the convener of an NGO, “Take Our Country Back”, insisted on the following:

Registration of senators already indicted in one crime or the other, as well as those facing trials for financial crimes and other vices, including certificate forgery, perjury etc.

Immediate passage of 2017 National Budget without further delay, passage of the Bill to establish special courts for financial crimes and other related offences; insisting that Nigerians want their country back, Adeola Samuel-Ilori, a consummate legal practitioner and human rights activist.

“We have seen the level of disconnect between the Executive and Legislative arms in cases of budget planning, overlaid and confirmations of appointees which the hallowed (dirty) chamber had been converted into arena of intermediation and fragrant display of naked power, abuse of same when they are meant to serve with integrity and selflessness.

The executive has not performed well in this angle with many of her appointees hanged in the neck with various alleged financial malfeasants.

Such intrigues between the arms of government are not healthy to the nation’s polity and international relation hence; it has brought us nothing but national disgrace, devalued integrity and unhealthy rivalry to the detriment of masses welfare”.

“The upper House of the National Assembly has also not fared well and it is high time Nigerians braced up for an imminent revolution to be averted.

It is time for us to wake up from our slumber and resist the onslaught”, he said.