”It’s A Blessing Being Celebrated by Politically-Informed People” …Prince Christopher Obi

''It’s A Blessing Being Celebrated by Politically-Informed People” ...Prince Christopher Obi


Prince Obi

The CEO of Reality Oil and Gas and United Nation Peace Ambasador, Prince Christopher Obi (Ogazi) recently celebrates his birthday in a low key amidst friends and family. 
One of the social-political movement he created “Ogazi women Initiatives” lead by the President, Mrs Obiemeka Njideka is a group advocacy for women to be heard and play more active role in Orsu politics in Imo State. Prince Obi (Ogazi) as he’s fondly called had a brief chat with us where he talked about youth, women empowerment and commended the efforts of Air peace Chairman, Chief Allen Onyeama During xenophobia attacks on Nigerians. Excerpts.

Ogazi women Initiatives the social political group that you formed celebrate your birthday recently, how do you feel that through your efforts these women are well informed politically and empowered financially?

For me, it is a thing of joy seeing these women happy and well informed politically. As you know in life, women in most cases are being displaced by men when it comes to political relevance. This has been an age long situation in our society, of which the women folks are not happy about.What I did was to create the opportunity for them to be heard and also play a more active role in Orsu politics, through the Ogazi Women Initiative. So I am personally happy for being able to have touched their lives in that direction.

What informed your decision to set up Ogazi foundation in 2007?

Just like in the case of the women, Ogazi Foundation is a liberation organisation. Though not political this time, but for empowerment, especially to the youths. Most of our young people are skilled in certain areas of life endeavour, but cannot put them into practice,as a result of lack of funds. Some are desirous of learning either a skill or trade, but cannot afford it. There are other ones who would like to further their education assuming they have a sponsor. The foundation was actually set up as an avenue for attending to people with such needs. Other areas of attention for the foundation include, but not limited to health care assistance to the masses and other social needs.

How can Individuals and government at all level empower our people who recently returned back to Nigeria from South Africa as a result of xenophobic attack?

The issue of xenophobia attacks is to me quite unfortunate, considering the fact that it is a case of African brothers fighting themselves. But be it as it may, the situation is now facing us, with Nigeria being the worst hit. We must have to live up to the challenge.I therefore appeal to governments at all levels to please help in providing for these our returnee brothers and sisters who were abruptly displaced from their places of abode. But the government cannot handle this alone. There is also need for some well placed individuals in the society to come up with some form of assistance to the affected people. Let me also appreciate the effort of Allen Onyema of Air Peace, in seeing that our people returned safely back to the country. That was a good gesture from him, of which we must commend.

As a successful business man, what does it take to be successful?

Well, deligency, consistency and steadfastness are the keys to a successful business life. But always bear in mind the fact that it is the Almighty God that crowns every human effort.

You are a United Nation Peace Ambasador, what have you been doing to promote peace among our people regardless of their political and religious beliefs?

Yes, in my capacity as a United Nations Peace Ambassador, I see to a peaceful coexistence among our people. The major reason why our people live in disharmony is ignorance. As a result of that I have always made effort to see that enough awareness for peace is created among our people.

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