ITEL PHONE BRANDS: Nigerians Share Funny Experiences

Nigerians now have one complaint or the other against a China produced phone brand, Itel. Since it was introduced to Nigeria, even major dealers of the brand had had problems convincing customers of its durability, among other challenges.
of Global Excellence magazine, as Itel launches a new model, spoke with some Nigerian patrons of the brand on its service quality. Although, some believe the problem is not peculiar to Itel, this particular brand appears the less fortunate in that category.
Below are their reactions;
“When battery is 88%, it gives one hour plus notice to get to 100%. It’s a miracle!”
“I bought itel 1503 phone with the hope of possessing at least an android phone but it is pure hell.
It took me months to be able to root it and to change the IMEI now is mess. There is not a search word I have not tried but it seems itel1503 remains ebolic in nature.
Are there people in my shoes? Or are there people with solutions on how to change itel1503 IMEI? Please help us with this problem.”
“I rooted 1503 immediately I got it,so that’s not the issue. the issue is that I cant find the screen replacement and the phone is now useless. And I’m now “phoneless”
In case you were asking me, I used kingroot with my internet connection enabled.
There’s an Xposed module I used for changing imei, it’s called phone id changer.”
“If you love your money, don’t buy Itel!!
I have a friend who bought it, he had to exchange it with Nokia X and still added like 3k. He’s happier now at least.”
“So earlier this year around March I went broke and all hopes to purchase a good Samsung phone went with the wind as I was left with no choice than to buy a very cheap Mobile.

My girlfriend then(ex) was using Itel 1408 which she bought for 17000 naira so I thought instead of getting a used Tecno or Infinix of about 20k, lemme kukuma buy new phone ahbi. So I went to a reputable phone store at Ikorodu and purchased the same mobile for 17500 naira, not bad I was finally happy I had to do away with WhatsApp on my PC that kept draining my battery cause of the many apps needed to run it.

Fast forward to that evening, well I didn’t expect much of a 17500 android phone but I got more than I bargained for. That evening when I plugged in the mobile to charge at home, it took forever to move from 66% to 67, that was when I knew I had bought wahala with my own money.

I tried complaining only to find out later that almost all Itel phones had the ‘slow charge’ ish, but come on, 6hours to charge a phone?? That ain’t cool. That 6hours would charge at least 3laptops with one charger.

Now the ram is 512 and it can’t power two apps without lagging. I used a tecno p5 before which had same 512 ram and it could power at least 4-5 apps successfully except when I’m running a battery saver app which I deleted after I realized the battery saver was killing my phone’s performance.

This phone isn’t up to year old oh and it restarts by itself. At times I’ll be the one to switch it back on. Imagine you need to make an important call or you’re on an important chat and your phone decides to go OFF and then uses another 10 minutes to restarts because of some ‘app optimization’ nonsense! Yuck!

I love listening to the radio but I can’t use the phone I purchased with my own money, my personal money! Wanna know why? The phone has a bad radio reception and I have to keep borrowing my mum’s Nokia phone of 12k to listen to the radio, imagine!.

The phone can hot like the sun in the North eh.

My dad called me twice today and the phone just didn’t display anything n then went off, just like that.”

“Sim card detected but no network for 3 months. I had to dump it for another brand.”
“Itel phone has the slowest charging technology. And it overheats at the slightest usage.”