Isale Eko Carnival Committee Honours Real Estate Guru, Bolaji Hassan Bada

The Isale-Eko Woro Festival celebrates the culture of Eko’s the Lagosians within a medley of Traditional, most Fun the in Street Processions and Contemporary Dance, Costume, Music, Symposium and many other events.
This festival blends in a wide mix of international and interstate events within a singular celebration.
Anyone who knows Alhaji Bolaji Hassan Bada aka Sir Sure Ceo Of Hazzboll Nigeria Limited who is in Real Estate Developer  in recognition of his immense contribution to the growth of Isale Eko Community would attest to the fact that he has spent a good part of his God-given blessings touching lives. Sir Sure loves his people and does not wait until he gets into elective or appointive office before showing his love.
Popularly called Sir Small is a successful Real Estate Guru  Businessman, an entrepreneur of international repute, and an exceptional philanthropist. He has been described variously by people as a man of uncommon destiny and remarkable character.
This award recognizes an individual with a proven record of exceptional generosity who, through direct financial support to individuals, organisations and charities to the motherless babies homes demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility, and whose generosity encourages others to take on philanthropic leadership roles on local,International level.

Alhaji Bolaji Hassan Bada; bags award of excellence