Insider Squeals: Actress, Halima Abubakar’s Treatment Gulps N.8m Daily!



Nollywood star actress, Halima Abubakar, is currently not in the best of moods regarding her failing health. If the rumour generated by the sickness, which Global Excellence magazine heard is a fallout of a surgery she reportedly underwent in India recently, is causing her colleagues in the Nigerian movie industry great worry, the latest development whereby some faceless persons are begging for funds on her behalf is also presently causing the beautiful actress untold distress and is telling on her condition too, we have learnt.


A very reliable source informed Global Excellence magazine that, the fraudsters were capitalizing on the fact that Halima’s treatment was gulping a huge amount of money, to dupe the public.


A whopping N800, 000 (eight hundred thousand naira) was allegedly being spent daily on the sick actress while being treated in the hospital courtesy a certain Nigerian VIP politician’s wife.


“The wife of the politician was paying for her treatment since the illness became public knowledge. And what was being spent on food, drugs and the treatment was close to N1 million on the daily basis, say N800, 000 on treatment alone,” squealed the source.


The source said that Halima is one of the favourite actresses of the politician’s wife, more so because she hails from the same state as the actress. The politician’s wife is said love anyone from her state of origin that is doing well. Also, the woman is said to adore Halima because she (Halima) professes to be a Muslim.


“The Islam thing is also another reason she loves Halima,” said the source who added that, because of this, most people from the woman’s state are feeding fat on her weakness.


Meanwhile, the actress who sources said was gradually gaining back her strength, has come out to denounce the scammers. Thanking the public for its concern over her health condition, Halima has asked people not to donate to any account on her behalf and that if she needs help, she will ask for it herself.


-Biodun Fariogun