INCREDIBLE! “I Smell Defeat. I’m Preparing My Handover Notes” …APC campaign DG, Amaechi


In what is undoubtedly the most damning statement on the eve of any election anywhere in the world, the head of General Buhari’s presidential election campaign has categorically given the verdict on tomorrow’s poll: the APC is going to lose decisively.

Amaechi has form for being caught on tape in the now infamous Amechi tapes that were leaked and played in a string of Twitter posts which caught the imagination of the Nigerian electorate over the last few weeks.

However nothing is as explosive as this revelation from him where he categorically states “We are going to lose”, that has come out just hours before polls open at 8am tomorrow.

Not only does he admit the APC is headed for defeat but that he has known it for a while as he has used the time to prepare for his departure: ‘I have packed my bags and prepared my handover notes”.
The remarks were made in public a few days ago to a group of people who were Itakpe rail project inspection.

What makes this revelation all the more extraordinary is that it was captured not just on audio but on video in the presence of other people so there is no room for denial or accusations of fakery or forgery.
What Amaechi says is in line with what political circles have been alive to for the last four weeks – that the APC was heading for a loss – ever since the PDP Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, visited America on 16th January and the Government made its major blunder with the unconstitutional suspension of the Chief Justice.

That was the moment when the political see-saw decisively tipped in favour of Atiku and ever since the political assets previously on Buhari’s side have increasingly slid into Atiku’s lap.
With the torrent of endorsements from political parties, religious and ethnic groups to the peeling away of Buhari’s own political supporters in his own party. APC Governors without quitting the party are covertly working to support Atiku in the Presidential race in exchange for being able to migrate to the new President’s party when he takes office in May.
One prominent political analyst likened it to “the unpeeling of an onion when after you have removed a number of the layers before you know it you end up with nothing”.

Another stated “ever since the PDP Rally in Kano on 10th February which showed the ‘Buhari’s northern reboubt has fallen’ there is an increasing ‘fin de le siecle’ (end of the cycle) feeling about this administration with a growing stench hanging around the coattails of the APC – the smell of decay, despondency and despair.”