In The Heat Of Passion (3)


He was indeed ready for me. By the time I joined him in the room, MD was lying on the bed with only his boxer shorts on. And from the corner of my eyes, I could see a large bulge inside his shorts and trust me, it was probably the biggest bulge I’d seen on MD. I couldn’t understand it but the man was frighteningly hungry for me in a way I had never known before.

“Come inside and lock the door, dear,” he’d said to me the moment I stepped inside the room. I was watching him cautiously, like one who had been cornered by a deadly Anaconda, if you catch my drift.

“What’s the problem, you look scared?” MD asked, a faint smile lighting up his face.

“Scared? Me? Scared of what?” I’d thrown back at him, quickly trying to put myself together.

“I guess I was just surprised to see how fast you had undressed and waiting for me.” I answered, still staring at the scary looking erection inside his shorts.

“But you shouldn’t be surprised, I already told you how hungry I was of you today, didn’t I?” MD retorted, sounding very relaxed and pleased with himself. “So, don’t just stand there staring at my ‘thing,’ come and join me in bed.” 

And he reached out his hand and I stretched out mine and he held me and pulled me to him. I landed on the bed and he promptly sealed my mouth with a deep kiss. MD is a good kisser and within a few seconds after he probed into my mouth with his tongue, licking up the whole length of my tongue in the process, my eyes began to dim and everything started to look hazy. Soon after, MD let his right hand run all over my neck and down my back. He was damn good at it. And by the time he dug his hand inside my bra, my entire body had started to quiver to his every touch. 

I held tightly onto him as I wrapped my arms round his neck. Now, he was tormenting my boobs, playing with the tip of my already erect nipples. Slowly, he cupped my boob out from its enclave and sucked hard on my nipple. I let out a loud moan. The sensation the touch of his wet tongue on my nipples brought me made my head giddy. Sensing he was starting to get me all fired up, MD reached for my right hand and led it straight inside his boxer shorts, placing it gently on his hungry looking Anaconda. I grabbed the solid as a rock ‘giant sausage roll’ and started to stroke it gently. Now, it was MD who let out a loud moan. I know he likes it anytime I stroke his ‘big boy’ that way. 

“Undress, sweetheart, take off your clothes and come and put out the fire in my body.” MD said to me, his eyes laced with intense hunger.

I got down from the bed and began to take off my dress. MD had his eyes glued on my body the entire time, not blinking for a minute. His gaze was fixed on my full and pointed boobs. I rejoined him in bed and helped him take off his boxers. I liked the look of his AK-47, it’s something most women would appreciate. And without a moment’s hesitation, I knelt beside him on the bed and took the sweet looking banana inside my mouth, just the way MD loves


I took the whole of his sweet looking Anaconda in my mouth. And believe me, it is quite a mouthful. One of the things that excited me about MD is the fact that, despite the big age difference between us, he never disappointed me in bed. The man never made me wish I was with a younger man whenever we made love. And this is largely due to his sweet and big looking Anaconda. MD had quite a power house inside his boxers which made it utterly difficult for me to go hungry for a younger lover. If I hadn’t known Jerry even before I met I met MD, he certainly would not have found his way into my life. And that is the gospel truth.

“Ah, yes…that is really good..” MD moaned as I ran my tongue down his sugar stick. From the corner of my eyes, I watched him as he closed his eyes in absolute ecstasy. He was loving every minute of it. This has always been MD’s weakness. Whenever I wanted to drive MD crazy and needed him to do something for me, all I needed to do was give him a special blow job, and before you know it, you’ve got what you wanted.

As I worked on his dick, I let my fingers crawl all the way up to his chest, rubbing my hands on his hairy chest and playing with his thick nipples. His sugar stick had grown really hard and huge now. I was already soaked wet myself and I needed him inside me like never before. But I knew I had to wait for MD. He never likes to be hurried into doing his thing.

Soon, he reached for my hand and pulled me up. He had had enough blow job, now he wanted to play with my boobs. He always told me he loved my boobs and he showed it whenever we made love. MD could never make love to me without paying adequate attention to my boobs. He took my nipples in his mouth, one after the other, and sucked them silly. At that point, my entire body was starting to come alive. It was when MD slid a finger inside my soaked and dripping honey pot that a huge explosion took place inside my head. Give it to MD, he certainly knew how to use his fingers. He ran circles round the tip edge of my pussy, playing with the tip of my clitoris.

“Oh, gosh!” I let out a groan as my entire body shivered under his soft and tender touch. “I’m really wet now, MD,” I told him, hoping he would understand that I needed him to come in and finish what he started inside of me.

But MD merely looked into my eyes and smiled. “I know you’re wet, darling, but don’t you worry, I will give you what you want soon,” he assured me. My eyes were half open now. They had grown hazy with hunger for MD. But I had no choice. I had to wait for him. He was a man who always loved to take his time. He never liked to be rushed into doing anything, especially making love.

I held on tight onto him, wrapping my arms firmly around his neck as I kissed him passionately.  As he responded to my kiss, his finger was probing deep into my pussy, tickling my clits and sending me into wild ecstasy. And when he was sure he had got me to the place he wanted to take me, MD slowly mounted me, scooped up my boobs in his hands to lick them hungrily before gently guiding his big, strong Anaconda down into my heavily soaked and waiting pussy….



…to be continued