In Akwa Ibom, Woman Dies After Delivering Baby Without Anus!



Wonders shall never cease. A baby was said to have been delivered today in Akwa Ibom without an outlet in his anus.

He was named Nyenime Uwem Peter.

According to sources, the baby was rushed to the hospital facility three days after an attempt by a traditionalist to delivered it failed and complications arose.

On examination, sources said, the baby was noticed with an imperforate anus and was referred to Teaching Hospital but unfortunately the doctors were on strike.

The mother couldn’t make it through the operation as she later died. The baby’s father was said to have fled afterwards.

Gov. Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom

“The baby was unable to pass his first stool (meconium) and could not tolerate oral feeds and as such the abdomen was markedly distended with prominent veins. Some of the abdominal content was expelled voluntarily from the mouth by the baby who was in need of urgent surgical attention,” a source stated.

However, in response to the emergency call at the St.Luke’s Hospital, Anua, the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Charles Udoh, stormed the hospital where he offered to intervene in the medical expenses of the baby.

Mr Udoh reportedly donated cash support for the immediate surgical operation on the baby.