“I’M TOO BIG TO BE INSULTED” …Oby Ezekwesili Bursts Over Alleged Campaign Money Fraud


The former presidential candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Ms. Obiageli Ezekwesili, has fired back at his party for accusing her of mismanaging the campaign donations before she quit, saying she’s more than the type anyone can insult or maligned.


Ezekwesili renounced her membership of the ACPN on February 3, 2019, accusing the ACPN of greed and not being in sync with her values and vision.

Oby Ezekwesili

But the party, in return, threatened to sue her if she doesn’t return the campaign donations sent her way before she announced her withdrawal from the presidential race on January 24, 2019.


Reacting to the party’s allegation, the Oby Ezekwesili campaign management revealed that the former presidential candidate received a total sum of N48.9million in donations. Breaking down how the money came, the campaign body stated that, N27.8million of the N48.9million came from Ezekwesili’s family members and relatives, the campaign stated, N15.6million was donated by several other Nigerians, $6,145 was realized via Gofundme, N11,265 came from Paystack and N443,050 came from Flutter Wave.


Iyin Aboyeji, Deputy Director General of the “Oby 2019” campaign further disclosed that the team spent a total of N45, 742,423.56, excluding bank charges, during the three-month Ezekwesili campaign period. According to him, the funds went on covering travel expenses, printing campaign materials, media and publicity, personnel costs, meetings and logistics.


However, the party says it is not satisfied with Ezekwesili’s explanation of how the presidential campaign donation was spent.


Venting her frustration via her Instagram page (@obyezeks) on

Friday morning, Ms. Ezekwesili wrote;


“See gap in public discourse. Some assume Reputation to be same thing as Character so they set out to smear someone like me. Big mistake. I don’t live for Reputation. It is external and can be manipulated. I was raised to worry about my Character. It is internal. It’s me!

  1. The world should ask this fellow which other Co-Conveners from the 10 are with them on this perfidious and ignoble agenda? @RedCardMng has not and shall never endorse APCPDP. 2. The world should ask this fellow why he stole the Twitter Handle of @RedCardMng?

One of my mentees is extremely pained by the things hurled at me because my resoluteness in the fight for a New Nigeria. He said, “Why, Mom? You have tried. Leave the country to its fate”. My Response: It must never be said of me that I stopped fighting for a New Nigeria.


It is but a small thing for me to be insulted and slandered by folks who disdain the Values I hold dire. I know the peddlers of these lies very much wish that they were true. This angers them even more because a Lie can never be Truth. Lies have expiry dates. Wait and see.


O that the minds of our citizens would know that this is all about the Battle for the Soul of Nigeria! The Battle for the Soul of Nigeria is raging between the rotten Old Order of the Siamese Twins of Nigeria Politics and a New Order that shall surely come forth. It shall.