“I’m Dressed To Upset The World” …Toyin Lawan


Popular celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has replied her critics who
lambasted her for wearing a racy nun outfit to the movie
premiere of “The Prophetess”.

The fashion designer took things a step further by releasing a
photo of herself in a Muslim outfit which is closely similar to the
nun outfit she was criticized for.
“Ah, why are you shouting that I can’t dress like this in a Muslim
way. I will do another baddass one and make sure it’s extremely
revealing again for you tomorrow, so you know I’m not here for
your rants, the more you rant, the more I do to upset you. People
need to realize one thing about Tiannah, she’s an artiste and will
do a lot of artistic things that won’t please the world from time to
time, not here to please you, no one pays my bills, so you don’t
count at all. I’m sure a lot of you don’t even know I’m Muyinat”,
she wrote.