“I’m a self-made designer” …Jokky Collectibles boss



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Adejoke Jolaade is the CEO of Jokky Collectibles. She spoke on the secret of her business success  with ILORI TITILAYO. Read on…

Could we know more about you?

My name is Adejoke Jolaade; CEO, Jokky Collectibles. JKC is a fusion of African fabrics with any other kind of fabrics to define your look in clothes, shoes and bags. JKC was given birth to two years ago professionally but I have always had a flair for fashion  since childhood. I didn’t study anything that has to do with fashion at childhood. Two years ago, I veered into fashion business professionally when people started admiring my wears.


What has been the challenge so far on the business?

The challenges have been many; we have financial challenge and epileptic  power supply. Getting the right clients and meeting their demand at the appropriate time.


Where do you source for your materials?

I source for my materials from different places. Most of them are sourced locally. I use African fabric because they are beautiful materials.


Could you mention some of your celebrity’s clients in the last two years?

I’ve clothed Eva Alordiah, Mama Rainbow, among others.


What other item do you design?

I do bags, shoes and wrist-watch accessories. Most of my clients bring their fabrics to me to customize for them. What I usually design are local traditional fabrics.


Did you train to be a designer?

I’m a self-made designer but I went to the UK this year for fashion designing training and spent four months.


Who inspired your creativity?

I never wanted to be a designer but I look forward to God because my kind of design is unique. But I cherish lots of designers. When I wake up in the morning and see colours, it inspires me.

Just two years into the fashion designing industry, you have achieved so much, where do you see yourself in five years?

I pray that JKC will be globally known all over the world. The likes of President, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners and other top personalities should be patronizing us. I want to be empowering people with my designing talent.


Tell us about your growing up years

Joke was born in Lagos. I had my primary school at Yewande Memorial School, Surulere. I proceeded to Grammar School and  Yaba College of Technology for my OND, I did my Diploma at UNILAG. I did my PGD in Computer Science at LASU.  I went to the UK and studied a course in law firm. From there, I started my own business and I came up to Nigeria to start my fashion business.


In what way has Computer Science helped you in your fashion business?

I have not really practised Computer Science that I studied in school but it’s good to be educated and have a little bit of experience in everything you do. Education helps a lot in everything you do. But relatively, fashion designer has nothing to do with computer science.


What’s your view on the dressing mode of Nigerian youth?

I believe that people are entitled to free dressing. You can dress the way you like but one thing I believe is that you should dress the way you want to be addressed. Sometimes, there are misconceptions about dressing but I can see our youths now getting into the cultural vibes because in the past, all they wanted to do was to copy the Western world like what they see on TV. As a matter of fact, what they see on TV is not really real because the way these entertainers dress on TV is not the way they dress at home. I thank God that most of our youth now use more of ankara, Kampala attires to design something nice to wear. It’s a good thing that our youth are now imbibing our culture.


Which clothing would you not be caught wearing?

You will never see me wearing anything that will be detrimental to womenfolk and would make me look trashy. I believe in looking good, I can reveal some part of my skin but I will never dress shabbily.


How do you want to take the fashion industry to the next level?

Taking the industry to the next level is a great deal of passion. Personally, I believe it’s by empowering the youth because the youth are the future of tomorrow because they are more self–confident.


What defines your own style?

Infusion of African fabric with any kind of fabric like ankara, lace, aso oke, Kampala and adire.


What determines the kind of outfit you wear?

Wherever I’m going determines the kind of outfit I wear and sometimes, my mood as well. I love colours because I’m a very colourful person.


Do you have a beauty routine?

I do some exercise sometimes, I go with make-up but I don’t do heavy make up.


Who inspired you in this profession?

My mum didn’t go to school for sewing and designing. She did something totally different at school. She is a self-trained tailor. She only sews her only clothes. I didn’t know how she arrived at that because she said she didn’t learn it. My grandma is also good at mixing colour and designs.


Who among Nigeria’s top designers do you like his designs?

I really appreciate Frank Oshodi. His designs are unique.


Do you only do female designs?

I design for males, females, old, young and children, Westerners and Africans. JKC does not restrict its operations.


Tell us about your love life

I got married 13 years ago and blessed with a daughter.


What’s your family background?

I’m the only female in the family. I’ve five brothers. Unfortunately, I lost my mother two months ago.


How old is your daughter and is he taking after you in designing?

She is seven years old. She is always fond of standing in front of mirror whenever she wears any attire, dancing and cat walking. I always tell her that education is the key. There is nothing you would achieve better without good education.


What stands you out from other fashion and creative designers?

My infusion of fabric in a unique way, I have a good sense of colour and good eyes for fashion.

What are your hobbies?

Singing in the midst of positive people.


Which fashionable items do you cherish so much?

Fabrics, I can make a fabric speak with character.


Tell us more about your fashion school

My fashion school, Jokky Collectibles is not like that usual 1-2 years training school. It trains people on how to design, sketch and combine colours. We do shoes accessories and clothes training between four and eight weeks. We have professional trainers.