“I’d Only Have Affair with A Man Who Will Build My Business” …Society Lady, Tokunbo Aboderin

“I'd Only Have Affair with A Man Who's Ready to Build My Business” …Society Lady, Tokunbo Aboderin



Ms. Tokunbo Aboderin

  The name Esabod means different things to different people. A blogger, socialite, motivational speaker, philanthropist, ‘fighter’, hoodoo doctor, Lady Esther Tokunbo Aboderin was born in Ibadan in 1961 into the famous Aboderin family of the ancient city of Ibadan.
In 2010, she started blogging with the name Esabod while she was noted as one of the pioneers of talk show on social media, with her focusing mainly on married women who engage in infidelity. What further won Esabod millions of followers across the world was the entertaining segment of her talk show where she discusses sex, a topic many love to treat but shy to speak out. In 2016, Lady Aboderin started the use of herbs and roots to treat diseases and sickness under a registered company called Esabod Herbs and Roots, which further increased her popularity among her fans. The stylish lady, in this interview with the Editor,
FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, shares the story of her personality, social life, her advocacy for women empowerment and liberation, and more. Excerpts…



At 58, you appear to be busier and more energetic than most people half of your age, what are the secrets of your power?

Glory be to God.  Age is a number. People assume all kinds of things about over 50; that we can’t be powerful, sexy or sociable.  You don’t have to buy into these.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else assumes or believes about older people. I feel smarter, healthier, more vital and creative and open than at any previous point in my life. Whether or not anyone else believes that is true or not, I am choosing to believe my own experience. Secrets of my power at 58 are; I get enough sleep, I drink herbal products, I take vitamins, I breathe deeply and I do exercise.


You are one of Nigerian society women who have achieved excellently abroad. Did you start as a business person or blogger to have been this famous in your social group?

I am a successful business woman based in Ireland and CEO of Esabod Spiritual Herbs, Esabod Estate Agents and publisher at Esabod Global News. I have been struggling to be successful in life since age 20 years.  Unfortunately, I have never made it.  God turned me from nothing to something. I  started firstly with my blog in 2012 at Esabod Global News. I am a human rights activist blogger.


The name, Esther Tokunbo Aboderin is synonymous with the society arena from Nigeria to Ireland. Would you like to tell us briefly how it all started?

Esther Aboderin was born in Ibadan on 26th of March 1961.  I’m based in Ireland. I got my recognition from my blog in 2014 on past Governor Ajimobi ‘jabajaba epon’. I got my first award as an informative blogger in 2013. I got my second award in the UK as herbalist, I got my third award in 2017 in Dubai as herbalist, I got my fourth award in 2017 in Maryland as herbalist, I got my fifth award in 2018 in Canada as herbalist, I got my sixth award  in Qatar as herbalist under the popular name, ‘Iya Ewe Agbomola’.


Tell us about your own style tips and what opinion you have for today’s social fashion.

Having style doesn’t have to mean dresses and heels. I loved top and trousers. I am a tomboy at heart. I love designers like Pierre Cardin, Tommy Hilfiger. If you are confident in your style, it will project beauty no matter what you are wearing.


You are known to be a lady boss whereby younger women flock around you as a role model, how did you win their confidence?

I’m admired because I teach ladies how to speak with confidence. Communication does encourage girls to speak their mind when faced with a difficult situation.


Do you believe you have competitors?

Responding back to haters. Esabod has reached a certain level of success. There will almost certainly be haters that enter your life. These are people that either, fundamentally, they do not believe in your values or more likely are jealous of your accomplishments.


Do you agree with the view that you are probably the richest Nigerian woman in Ireland?

I am not the richest Nigerian woman in Ireland. I might be the richest Nigerian woman in Ireland. Thanks for your prayer (laughter).


You were once like matron to most of Nigerian entertainment celebrities. But suddenly, you withdrew from the scene and settled on private businesses. What were the reasons behind this move?

Stop it!  Where did you hear that from? I am Iya Agbomola in the Diaspora.


You once told the press that you quit sex to gain wealth. Would you like to explain the meaning of that statement?

I quit having sex to gain wealth.  Ask Google. You talk too much. Honestly, being through a turbulent relationship made me to quit. I can have sex tomorrow if I see a hardworking suitor who is ready to build my business with me.


You are very much into spiritual herbs practice. How did you think it was the next thing having been blessed by God with everything a man needs to live?

I am a voodoo doctor dealing with spiritual herbs to heal all illnesses and fight evil spirits by the name of God. How can I quit the source of my wealth? We are expanding our company to a factory in Turkey. I will retire at the age of 90. Remember that ‘Olusesi l’owo’ (tenacity is key to wealth).


How do you take it when people say you are too frank on issues?

Frank? I am very mean if it’s about the truth.  An iron lady and truth-teller does not care or afraid to face a reality.

Have you ever been tempted to do something that you felt you should not be associated with?

Yes. That is, responding back to haters on Facebook.  I detected that they are abusing and using Esabod’s name for publicity.

Today’s women are goal-oriented, ambitious and hard-working. How would you advise women to improve themselves more in a world still dominated by men?

Africans now think women are just as smart and just as competent as men. And it gets better. Among the 55% of respondents who did perceive a gender difference in smartness, most say that women are more intelligent and competent than men. Majority of African men are lazy and ready to extort women for their own comfort.


Who are your biggest influences and inspirations?

My biggest influence is Oprah Winfrey.


What are your favourite fragrance, colour, food and car brand?      

My favourite frangrances are No7 Channel perfume and Dior Jadore. My colours are red, black and white. My car brands are Nissan and Audi.