“I Was In Marriage Like A Housegirl” …Star Actress, Bimbo Akinsanya Breaks Silence on Crashed Marriage


Bimbo Akinsanya

This certainly is not the best of times for sizzling Yoruba actress, Bimbo Akisanya. The fact that her one year-old marriage to society big dude, Olawale Ayoola, has packed up can’t be contested. But while the union lasted, Bimbo enjoyed not marriage but mirage, going by her confession to Global Excellence magazine.

The beautiful actress, in her submission, said she rather would stay single if marriage like the one she had last was all that is left in the world, because, “I didn’t enjoy a bit of my married life while with my former husband”.

The actress told us that, she was turned to a punching bag by her estranged hubby, as she was always left with swollen face after she was done with. Besides, Bimbo alleged that her estranged hubby womanized a lot, did not regard her as wife but treated her as if she was his housemaid, and that when confronted on each occasion, the reply she got was serious mauling.

“I had to sneak out of my marriage with my little baby boy when life became so hot for me”, she told our correspondent during a phone chat.

As you read this, Bimbo has abandoned Jonathan Estate, Akowonjo, Lagos, where she resided with her family.
“All I need to say is that, I’m free from the bondage of captivity. I can no longer subject myself to incessant beating like a punching bag. My husband does not regard me as wife, he’s fond of committing several atrocities that are unprintable. He’s such a womanizer that has no competitor. The painful aspect of the matter is that he flirted around with married women of all kinds,” Bimbo stressed.

-Rahman Is’mail