“I Never Slapped Any Lawyer in My Estate” …Socialite Toyin Omotosho debunks rumour

What started as a small issue between Lagos socialite and property merchant, Engineer Toyin Omotosho and some executives inside the Maplewood Estate, Oko-Oba, where he resides and has business, may have been turned into spectacle in the social media by his detractors, who might not be comfortable with his rising social and business status.
There is presently a story going viral on the social media alleging that the very courteous Engineer Omotosho viciously slapped a lawyer, an accusation he has denied saying the whole story of slapping and engaging thugs to wreak havoc was from the pit of hell.
Omotosho said the rumour was theWhandwork of his enemies who will never see anything good in an upwardly mobile and gentleman like him.
Engr. Omotosho states that the matter was overblown by his detractors, noting that he couldn’t have degenerated so low as to slapping a fellow individual, given the implications of such an act on his social image.
Explaining the root of the rumour, the socialite confined there was indeed an issue between him and the estate executives.  He said the issue came up when he was going out of the estate to honour a medical appointment in the hospital.
“Surprisingly, when I got to the gate, the estate securities locked up the gates in my face while some executive members were having the keys with no reason whatsoever for the closure of the gate. At first, I was angry, but we were able to settle before it got out of hand,” Omotosho explains.
Omotosho’s neighbours in Maplewood Estate attest to the fact that he is a peace-loving and very accommodating individual.
Omotosho, who noted that the video clip that went viral on the social media did not even have any bearing on his identity, except for his picture that was graphically super-imposed in the story to give him a bad name, vowed to pursue the matter to conclusion.

Engr. Omotosho
-Biodun Fariogun