I Need Nobody’s Permission When I Decide to Return to APC -Atiku’s spokesman, Daniel Bwala



Daniel Bwala, an aide of the 2023 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has hailed his principal’s rival in the keenly contested election whose outcome is being challenged in court.


Bwala, a former member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), joined the PDP in the heat of the Muslim-Muslim ticket of President Bola Tinubu.


While reacting to the resignation of Abdullahi Adamu as the national chairman of the APC, Bwala said Tinubu and the Yorubas do not play politics of bitterness.


Bwala mocked Adamu over his resignation as chairman of the ruling party, saying life should be taken easy.


He alleged Adamu refused to pay his legal fees because he dumped the APC for the PDP before the 2023 elections, adding that some of his friends in the ruling party stopped talking to him.


“Life is to be taken easy, ohh. The APC chairman that was reported to have said, ‘I could write demand letters that filled his office and still would not get my professional fees of what I worked for’ simply because I left the party. Today he is not the chairman and he will watch how i will be paid my fees by those who in-spite of the fact that i left the party, but we maintained cordiality and respect.”


“To be honest the Yorubas know how to play politics without bitterness. Beginning with PBAT Asiwaju, his family and those around him. When we meet and exchange pleasantries as if I never left. The other day, Babatunde Oglala, in court saw me and shouted in an open court filled before the judges sat ‘Bwala, you know you are on loan ohh and you must come back’ everybody laughed. Today I accidentally met Kayode Fayemi on my way to the gym. As soon as we sighted each other and I greeted him, he laughed and said you must come home ohh. No bitterness.


“During the heated campaign period, on one of my trips, I came back to Nigeria in the same flight with Gov. El-Rufai and Femi Gbajabiamila. I sat opposite El-rufai in the business class and apart from the first hello, hi we had at heathrow; no word till we arrived Abuja; But Femi even as Speaker of the HoR and I were chatting until he was led out of the airport at a privileged exit point.


“But my Northern brothers in APC stopped talking to me because I left APC and one of them refused to pay me my legal fees. There are few of my northern brothers though that are exceptionally good and still keep in touch. May God help us to see politics and practice it as politics and not war, because power is truly transient,” he wrote.


The lawyer said he would not need anybody’s permission to return to the ruling party if the need arises.


“It is funny when some people read texts like this and suggest I am missing APC or that I want to return. If I want to return, I would not need your permission or consent. When I left I didn’t ask for your permission or consent. I am Fully committed to the Atiku Abubakar project to recover and rescue,” Bwala added.