“I Met My Husband At Age 16” …Modupe Ibrahim @50




Modupe Ibrahim @50 ModupeMrs. Modupe Ibrahim, wife of billionaire businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, went back to the beginning of her marital journey on Monday, 20th of March, 2017, as she shared beautiful memories of the early days.


The occasion was her 50th birthday celebration.


The ‘birthday girl’ who looked dazzling in her attire told the anxious audience made up of friends and business associates how she met her husband at a ‘tender age’ of 16 and how both had lived as couple some years before their union was eventually blessed by the bride’s parents.


“Our love was made in Heaven. I thank God for bringing us this far in age, and I thank my husband for the mutual affection that we shared. I met him when I was just sixteen,” said the celebrant in her thanksgiving speech.


At the event which held at the Ibrahims’ VGC hotel, the businessman who confessed that the party was exclusively organized by the celebrant without him adding a dime, promised to organize his own special bash to celebrate the wife and himself since both of them turned 50 about the same time.