“I Feel Fulfilled When People Eat and Enjoy My Cooking” …Mercy Akinpelu, CEO, Adunni’s Pot

“I Feel Fulfilled When People Eat and Enjoy My Cooking” …Mercy Akinpelu, CEO, Adunni’s Pot



Not everyone in this world loves to cook. However, those who love cooking say they feel lucky. For Adebisi Mercy Akinpelu, cooking is a great experience. Mercy says it makes her happy and much more amazing when she eventually made it a job to cook for others and they feel happy eating.


Mercy who is fondly called ‘Princess’, the Chief Executive Officer of Adunni’s Pot, an exquisite online based chef-driven, seasonal foods kitchen, disclosed that cooking, for her, is an art full of creativity.


Operating via the Instagram page, @adunnis_pot, Adebisi, a graduate of Creative Arts from the University of Lagos, said she feels accomplished when she cooks and people give satisfying comments about her food. “That is what drove me into cooking for a career,” she stated, adding that it was the passion that gave birth to Adunni’s Pot ultimately, although she practiced what she studied in school for a while, managing artistes and doing media jobs.



Adebisi Mercy Akinpelu, CEO, Adunni’s Pot

My Passion

“I studied creative arts. But I’ve always had a passion for cooking. It’s something I’ve always been good at. So I decided to turn it into a job since it was something I enjoyed. Cooking has always been my passion.”


The Beginning

“I practiced what I studied in school for a while; I road managed a few artistes, did media and all that. But with the Covid-19 pandemic around, I started cooking more since I was at home, and from just viewing my posts, people started asking if they could buy. So I decided to start Adunni’s Pot.”


Feeling Encouraged

“It’s been great so far. I know it’s only going to get better. Food is a necessity; no matter what is happening in the world, people have to eat. So, we are here to give people great, quality and affordable meals without having to leave their homes.”


The Menu

“We have smokey jollof rice with peppered turkey and moimoi on Monday; on Tuesday, we do yam and sweet potato porridge served with spicy fish; on Wednesday, we have vegetable-stirred fried pasta with chicken and sausage; on Friday, there is ofada rice and sauce with assorted meat, egg and plantain, while on Saturday, we do eja kika noodles with sausage and or chicken and both options come with choice of boiled or fried egg. There are also extras like moimoi, turkey, croaker fish, chicken and jumbo peppered snail. We do both pickup and home and office delivery at short notice, everywhere within Lagos. We can be reached on 08186955878.”