“I Don’t Kiss On Set” …Dakore Egbuson




Nollywood screen diva, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, sexy mother of two, in this chat, speaks on her return to the screen, the joy and challenges of motherhood among other issues. Excerpts…


You are looking exceptionally beautiful this evening, what is your secret?

My kids (she laughs)


Your kids?

I am telling you the truth. They keep me young. Jumping around and playing with them just keeps me young. I actually feel like I am aging backwards. I am happy that I am back to work. I am really happy.


You seem very excited about motherhood? How does it really feel being a mother of two?

The feeling is amazing; my family is the greatest gift I have. I really cherish them a lot. My husband is a great guy. My kids and the feelings I get from being a mother is what keeps me refreshed.


But is it all fun? Are there no challenges that come with being a mother?

The challenges come with the turf and they are welcome. I must tell you this; these challenges make the whole idea of motherhood complete. Having said that, motherhood also makes me appreciate my mum a lot more because now I know what she went through raising us. It has made me a much calmer person. Now, I have to watch out for my kids and give them the very best in life. I am much more mature and have evolved as a person.


The break you just returned from, was it elective?

It was life. It was just life happening. I didn’t really plan it that way. I had no plans to be away for five years; if anyone told me, I was going to be away for that long, I wouldn’t believe. I would have just laughed at them. But like they say: “Man proposes, God disposes.” I am happy and happily married, I have two beautiful children. I have a career to come back to, life has been amazing and I have no complaint.


Apart from taking care of the home front while you were away. Did you do any other thing?

That was a lot of work; it was actually the major thing I did. Along that I also went through some acting classes in Chicago, Illinois, USA to brush up my skills. I didn’t want to get rusty. I also worked on my music, but generally, the family was the focus and you can see why.


So what do we expect from you?

I am in a very big movie, coming out very soon. I am also doing a few movies. One of them just came out (2014), it’s called ‘Unconditional’, and I did that with Uche Jumbo. One other film I did last year (2013), ‘A Journey to the South’ got a lot of nominations last year and won a few awards. I am the new Pampers Ambassador and ambassador for Amnesty International. I am working.



Was it difficult for your husband to release you to go back to work, outside the home?

Using the word ‘release’ makes it sound as if I was in prison, no! My husband is not in any way like that. He is so sweet and understanding. He has been very supportive and has always encouraged me to go back, so when I told him I was ready, he simply said “go for it baby.”


Now that you are back to work? Who manages the home front or are you able to effectively juggle both your family and work?

Well, I have a very good support-system on ground. My husband, mum and nannies help me out with everything in the house. With all this in place, I enjoy a little leeway.


How do you manage your male fans?

My male fans?



I am very cool with my fans, but you know there is always a line that they know they don’t have to cross. I am cool with them. I am also appreciative of that, particularly for keeping faith with me all through the years I was away.


If you were not acting, what would you be doing?

I don’t know but I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be a pediatrician but that didn’t work out obviously.


What does fashion mean to you?

I love cute and sexy outfits but you have to find out what works for you.




How do you entice your husband?

Just like I said above, I like to look sexy, especially when I dress up for him. I don’t try to do anything too out of the ordinary, but I like to mix it up, surprise him. Sometimes, all I need do is change my hair, be the woman he knows and loves, with a little bit of twist. The sexiest thing about any woman is if she has confidence and not necessarily how she looks. She should be confident in her carriage, her sexuality and be free to experiment with her husband; after all, he is her husband.