“I Don’t Believe In Prophecy, I’m A Catholic


Former Governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Kalu stated that he is not interested in the country’s presidential post but will not hesitate if given the chance to lead the nation.

He made this known while speaking during a press interview.

Orji Kalu

“I am not having that kind of ambition. But if I am given, why not? I can take it.

“I am a Catholic. In the Catholic church, we don’t see visions. Well, if visions are being seen and people say this and that, if it is the will of God that I will become president, why not? I am very capable mentally and otherwise to do whatever Nigerian people want me to do but not through prophecy.

“I believe if Nigerians and the Nigerian people want to be fair, a Southeast president from Igbo extraction will be the next thing to do,” he explained.