“I Daydream For Pastime” …Ace Comedian Asiri


Who is Asiri?
Asiri is Asiri ooo (laughs)

What was growing up like?
Growing up was fun, I had strict parents that gave me close marking (laughs) you leave school, on getting home lesson teacher is waiting. Had little or no time to mix up like every other guy in the neighborhood.

What was your best/worst subject back in school?
Best, English Language. Worst, Further mathematics

When and Where was your first stage performance?
My first stand up stage performance was in pittheatre Obafemi Awolowo University Ile ife in the year 2009

What’s the highlight of your career so far?
Every single moment is a highlight God has been faithful but I am always surprised when I walk on the street or visit public places and people approach me requesting selfies. Those moments are humbling for me

What would you be doing up till now if not comedy?
I would be a Teacher

You are probably the only inspirational comedian in Nigeria, what inspires you?
God has created everything in our environment for us to draw inspiration from. Our sensitivity and alignment determines how much we harness these gifts

Your close friend Arole was in Dublin for a couple of days recently, how did it feel to be apart from him?
It feels great that our work has crossed borders. I missed him but He is back now. Glory to God

What do you do with your spare time?
I daydream

Who is your celebrity crush?
Presently my celebrity crush is Kehinde Bankole

Who can get your special attention?
An intelligent person have my attention from his or her first statement

What’s your best movie?
Three Idiots, an Indian comedy movie.

What will your super power be?
Ability to hear God

If not Asiri, which other name will it be?
I will change it to Asiri.

What pet will you like to have?
Boerbol, I love that dog.

What’s your bad habbit?
I could be very shy sometimes and It makes me withdrawn occasionally

If you were a girl, what would your name be?

What’s your favorite sport?

Credit -Laffmatazz