How Prophet Omotosho Joseph Predicted Billy Graham’s Death, Plane Near Crash

Prophet Omotosho Tope Joseph
Barely two months after,  some of the prophecies of God’s Oracle,  Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph of OTJ  are coming to pass.  This time around, it is the confirmation of his Jan 1 Prophecy about a popular man of God in the world  who will die and the aversion of a plane crash in Nigeria.
During his new year prophecies, he said the Lord is about to call a man of God home and that heaven will be his resting place
”I see home call to heaven for a popular man of God. We celebrate God for his life because Heaven is His portion”.
Sadly, news broke out today that popular world evangelist, Billy Graham has rested in the Lord at age 99.
It keeps getting a lot of people surprised at how Omotosho’s prophecies are so accurate.
Similarly, he warned earlier that we should pray against series of plane crash but they it will be averted.
”“The military should pray because I see some generals having plane crash but by prayers it will be averted. *Enough prayers should be made against plane crash.* ”
News making rounds late yesterday also had it that a Dana airline plane overshot the airport runway in Portharcourt but no casualty was recorded.
Prophet Omotosho Tope Joseph is one whose prophecies should be paid keen attention to.
Earlier this week, he released new prophecies for the moment which reads below:
The Spirit of the Lord was ministering to me early this morning thus
– Revival is taking place in Africa and  south South Nigeria is at the fore front.
– Financiers are about to be impacted to finance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Whole World.
– 2019 elections in Nigeria shall be very Peaceful.
– Revolution is about  taking place in Nigeria.
– Pray for Cameroon, I see an international body coming to intervene.
– South Africa  have a Born Again Believer  as President.
– Ministers of the Gospel to face persecutions. Their Gateway for Elevation.
– The name of  a very big Organization in Nigeria will be changed any moment from now.
– Ladies be careful. Ritualists are out to get Sacrifices for 2019 elections.
– Young Men Beware of Fast money.It leads to Shortened lifespan.
– Miracle Conception will be taking place Suddenly,From 20 years of marriage to 1year.
– God is set to answer Single Ladies waiting patiently on him(The Lord).
– Nigeria is set to experience oil Boom.God is Set to bless Nigeria afresh for the Sake of the elects.
-People will buy land in Nigeria and discovering Mineral Resources because God wants to bless South South.
– There shall be great shaking in three financial institutions (Banks) to the Verge of Selling them but God will intervene.
– A market system set to swindle people’s money is around the Corner.
He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the Churches. (Rev.2:29).