How Office Romance Ruined My Life! (2)


My mother started selling foodstuffs at a shop while father retired from carpentry work, those who were not interested in going to school were given job in the company while my younger brother and myself enjoyed a blissful time in school as students, I read accounting at the University of Ife while my brother became a medical doctor. My two elder sisters still did their ‘runs’ and eventually got married to different men, all things changed for my family.

Being a ‘Streetboy’ rather changed my life, I was so street wise and exposed to a lot of crimes. While I was able to avoid crime by strong will, I couldn’t avoid women, they came to me in throngs and I enjoyed their attention. I wasn’t bad looking. In fact, I was said to be one of the most handsome guys in my neighbourhood and coupled with my brilliance, girls fell over themselves for me. I lost my virginity at the tender age of 12 to Mama Carol, she was a young woman of about 25 and was newly married with a daughter. She had called me into her room one afternoon and instructed me to touch her naked body. We ended up making love and though I almost didn’t feel anything but I enjoyed the power in the knowledge that I had seen Mama Carol’s private parts. We continued to make love without anyone suspecting anything until I started enjoying it and became the man.

I also started experimenting with other girls and upped my game with porn movies and magazines, which I watched with my friends. I became very skilled in the art of lovemaking and boy! Did I enjoy with the girls? I did. Life was beautiful. I was making the best grades in school and had women at my disposal. I eventually graduated with a first class and got a job with Standard Trust Bank as a branch accountant. I was quite innovative, to the extent that in no short while I got multiple promotions and became a top boss. I had got married to Deola, one of the beauty queens in my school. I loved Deola, especially because of her humane and gentle nature. Deola was the only woman who tolerated my womanizing habits. Though she was often heartbroken and cried every time she learnt about my new flings, I would cry with her and promise never to hurt her again, yet my unbridled libido for women was unstoppable. Deola couldn’t leave me because of the love she had for me, instead she chose to accept and tolerate that part of me.

I got married to her after my graduation, I showered her and my two kids with all the things money could buy; with Deola I had a peaceful home. Yet I couldn’t quench my sex escapades, there was something thrilling about going after a woman and eventually getting in between her legs. When I became the branch manager of my bank, I started indulging in office romance. They were too many beautiful girls, trotting about the office in skimpy skirts that I just couldn’t resist flirting with them. Most of them even flirted openly with me and the bold ones asked me out on dates. I became an expert at office love and would flirt, cajole and intimidate any girl of my choice. Luckily, for me, I got away with most of them.

When the banks were consolidated some years back and my bank merged with UBA, I became the assistant director of one of the zonal offices. I had a very tight job schedule but I still managed to have my office flings. My problems, however, started when Belinda was posted to my branch. She had just completed her NYSC and like me, she made a first class at University of Ife, the bank saw potentials in her and employed her. She was to work directly under my supervision; I was working on my Power Point presentation on my laptop one morning, when I heard a soft knock on my door.

“Excuse me sir, is this a bad time?” she queried as she peered into my office, I was captivated by her voice and looked up to see a very pretty face “No, come right in” she stepped in and my breath caught in my throat.

My throat had become dry as I stared at the mermaid standing right before me. She was just too beautiful to describe “Sir, my name is Belinda and I am one of the new recruits, I was introduced round the office by the HR last week but you were not around. I have heard so much about you and when I noticed you were around, I decided to meet you on my own;’ she said. I was listening half-heartedly to her; I have never seen anyone as beautiful as that in my life.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Belinda” I said and we did a little bit of chit chat before she left. From that day, I dreamt, walked and breathed Belinda. I asked for her file and divulged every information about her, seeing her each morning became the highpoint of my day. I was obsessed with her but the problem was the best way for me to tell her about it. Belinda was unlike every other girl in the bank, she was beautiful and friendly but at the same time, she was principled. She had this invincible wall which she used to block all forms of familiarity with any staff. She was always cool, poised and very official and more hardworking than all her female colleagues.

I knew all the guys in the bank had tried to date her but she rebuffed their attentions, some reason she was close to me. When I asked her, she confided in me that she felt very comfortable around me.

…To Be continued…