Help!! Sugar Mummies & Younger Ladies Messing Up My Life (2)


Aunty Amaka and my mother are quite close such that Mum regards her as a younger sister, though she is about 11 years older than her.
” I wasn’t expecting to see anyone at home, I drove in because I was in the vicinity” she said as she alighted from the car.
A customer called me to drop some clothes for her, so I decided to check on your family before leaving.”
“Aunty, that’s so good of you, thank you so much” replied. “That is why I have always said that you are caring,” I continued,
“What about your parents and siblings?” she asked and I replied that they had gone to church, She starred coyly at me for a minute.’
“So what are you doing at home?” she asked me. I explained to her that I had been so busy throughout the week that I couldn’t wash my clothes and decided to do it that Sunday. She sat close to me on the bench and said “George, there’s something I have always wanted to tell you. I have been having crazy thoughts of you for the past few weeks:’
“Oh, aunty, I hope there is no problem?” her revelations had stunned me a bit.
“Not at all George” she responded by smiling and Aunty Amaka has a very cute smile. “Can yon hang out with me tonight?
You don’t have to tell your Mum about it. I just want to take you to a cool place for some drinks:’
“I am sorry aunty, I don’t drink,”
“You are funny George, who told you that I want you to take alcohol. you’ll take any drink of your choice” she got up. “I have to be on my way now, see you tonight,” she left.
‘What is she up to’ I asked myself as I remembered when the same Aunty’ Amaka tried to kiss me two years ago before we were interrupted, As I thought about her invitation, my curiousity got the better of me and at exactly 6.30pm, she called me and told me that she was very close to my house and that l should wait for her outside my gate.
”’Where are you taking me to?” I asked her as we drove off.
“You’ll soon find out” she drove straight to Admiral hotel and bar, close to Aladinma police station at IMSU back gate.
“What will you drink?” ‘
“A bottle of malt will be okay” I replied.
“A hundred times no, for God’s sake you’re a man and must start acting like one,” she ordered some beer, by the time I finished my bottle of beer, and my eyes were already turning, Aunty Amaka started caressing my thighs and my body responded instantly. I was caught in a dilemma. I didn’t know whether to return her touch or to back out from the game.
“I can see you’re on fire,” she said as she touched my dick and saw how hard it had become.1 reached for her thighs, when I could not take it no more. “George not here, let’s go inside the car”, She unzipped my trouser and pulled out my hard dick as we got into the car, while I folded her breasts as we kissed in frenzy. After a while, she suggested that we go to a better place and we ended up at Hollywood hotel.
“Aunty, but you are married, Why are you doing this, what if your husband finds out? What about your children?” I fired her with questions that were pricking my conscience. She explained that her husband had travelled to Ghana and her kids had gone to the village to visit their’ grandma, She further told me how much she loved and admired me because of the way I assist my mother with household chores, she practically begged me to make love to her. I refused, instead she pulled off her clothes, and my body reacted more forcefully when I saw her nakedness. She was a complete beauty, her thighs were well curved, her navel was like a rounded goblet and her breasts were two twins of a gazelle in paradise.
She is a cross between Angelina Jolie, Omotola and Rihanna, as she moved closer and grabbed my pleasure stick and started sucking. Boy! I was in cloud nine, when she let go of my meat missile, I allowed my tongue to do justice to her hot, wet, sweet, freshly trimmed pussy.
‘Who taught you that, oh my God!” she screamed as my tongue worked its way up and down her cunt. “Suck me harder,” her eyes were tightly shut as she continued to scream, I wasn’t quite sure she knew what she was saying. “Please George f–k me, don’t keep me waiting, and f–k me” I ignored her and instead sucked her nipples hungrily like a baby; I had got all these experiences from the pornographic films I watched often. I finally entered in her and felt as if the world had ended. I pounded her while she continued to scream how much she loved me and how I was killing her with my thrusts. There was no style that we didn’t do, I even fucked her buttocks and when I finally came in her mouth it felt wonderful.
We eventually made love six times that night.
“George you’re truly a sex god, you’re strong and can make love to a woman. No man has ever stayed on me for 10 minutes but you stayed for 30 minutes on me. Who taught you all that about sex, I have never been this sexually satisfied, thank you” she murmured.
Aunty Amaka gave me N20,000 and asked for another round of sex as I was about leaving the hotel room that morning. Mum was angry with me when I got home and I had to lie to her that I had gone for night browsing at the cafe. She eventually told me that my dad had travelled that morning and warned me never to stay out late without her knowledge again.
I used the money Aunty Amaka gave me to pay Mum’s debts, but from that day I continued to make love to Aunty Amaka, we made love four times before my conscience started disturbing me and I refused to touch her again in spite” of her constant pleas for me to continue my affair with her. One day, months later, my dad sent me on an errand to his boss’ house, there I met his wife, as she saw me, her bunch of keys fell off her hands and I bent down to help her pick it up when my hands mistakenly touched her breasts.
I apologized and left but some days later, she came to my .house on the pretence of coming to visit Mum but when mum left the room, she told m she had come to see me and invited me to meet her at her house the next day. I told my mum about it and she allowed me to go, when I got to her house that day, I discovered she was the only one at home, she served me some wine while we talked about NEPA and politics in Nigeria. She excused herself and entered the room, she called out to me and when I got there, she was stark naked on the bed, I stood transfixed like a statue as I revered in her classic beauty.
“Come here, my boy;’ she whispered and I followed her voice into the room.
“George, since that day your hand touched my breasts, you touched my heart, I know it sounds silly but I’m in love with you”
“But I am just 20 years old ma” I said.

“Age is nothing but a number dear, even though I am 38 years, I don’t give a shit about it. Come and make love to
me,” she ordered as she kissed me passionately while I folded her breasts and slid my hands on her thighs.
She begged me to suck her cunt and I did, she climaxed in my face and gave me a blow job, I made love to her. When it was over, she called me a sex bomb. I felt bad because I had read over 52 copies of Hints magazine and I didn’t want women to give me compliment as they give Kane. We were all alone in the house and we had several rounds of sex, she gave me money when I was about leaving but I rejected the money and left.
Two weeks later, I met her at a supermarket and she confronted me for my refusal to pick her calls. She promised me that she would make sure I got admission into the university and ensure that I lived a luxurious life while in school. I was still pondering on what my life had become when I met Aunty Amaka’s cousin Cynthia at a fast food.

“George I won’t beat around the bush. I know what is going on between you and my Aunty and I know she’s been begging you to continue the relationship with her. Don’t you think she is too old for you? She is a married woman with kids, she is not the type of woman you need, What if her husband finds out? Or what if your Mum finds out? I don’t know how you will feel if I tell you this but I can’t keep it to myself any more. I have been admiring you for so long, I think I’m in love with you, maybe it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. I know I have no money unlike Aunty Amaka but I will give you all the love in the world. I’ll be there whenever you want me,” she further told me how responsible, trustworthy I am, and that was most of the qualities that attracted me to several women.

…To Be Continued