Help! How Do I Poison My Husband? (3)


I started looking out for another relationship and that was when I met Dele. He was everything Dayo was not. At the time I met Dele, I was used and emotionally traumatized, but he took my confusion away and soothed my emotions.
“Trust me Seyi, give me your heart and I pronise you I will never hurt you” Dele said, starring into my eyes with such deep passion and love. I did just ‘that and Dele healed my heart. With Dele by my side, I had the courage to finally break loose from Dayo. Of course, Dayo tried to win me back but my mind was made up. I told Dayo that it was all over between us and that I wished him luck in his next relationship.
Stay with me Seyi and I will make you the envy of other women,” Dele said to me. I nodded, thanking my stars for meeting a knight in shining armour like Dele. We got married few months later, precisely three months after my graduation. To me, my life had just started; I was married to the most wonderful man on earth and I loved him with all my heart. He in turn has promised me love, faithfulness and protection, what more could I ask for? My marriage was so much fun and bliss but for a snag! I was unable to unable to get pregnant as I expected. Immediately I concluded my National Youth Service, I relaxed to have a baby, whilst working in a bank. One year passed and then two years and then three years. I simply couldn’t get pregnant, I became worried.
“Don’t worry my love” Dele would tell me whenever I started worrying.
“God will surely bless us with a baby soon,” he would say.
“But darling, when will the baby come? I have been trying for three years now,” I would complain.
“This is not the time for you to question God. Darling, believe God and He will make it come to pass” my husband would tell me, I would continue weeping, whilst thanking God for giving me such a wonderful man. Our search for a baby continued until the next year. I had become so resigned to my fate that I was not even paying attention to my body to notice if there were changes.
I continued to do all my chores as well as concentrating on mv work. In fact, I pushed myself hard to just so as not to be engrossed with my desire to have a baby, so I was involved in practically all church activities to keep busy. One Saturday, while cleaning the chairs inside the church in preparation for the service the next day, I fainted and was rushed to the church clinic. “you have to very careful madam, in fact I recommend that you. stop all strenuous activity so as not to hurt the baby growing in your womb” the doctor, a kind looking man in his fifties told a bewildered me and my husband.
“I don’t understand what you mean doctor?” I asked him again justto be sure ..
“You are two months pregnant Mrs. Ogundele” he announced, my heart was filled with joy as Dele hugged me warmly, From that day, I took extra care of my” body and watched my stomach protrude with joy. They were moments of pride for me as I went through the trimesters with my baby. I don’t know if the fault was from me, maybe I paid so much attention to my pregnancy that Dele started feeling neglected. I would blame him ifhe felt that way because we had been all by ou~selves for almost five years before I suddenly got pregnant. What I blame him for was failing to talk to me. If he had voiced out his feelings, maybe we would have been able to avert the situation. I went into labor exactly nine months later, the pains were not too fierce as I was expecting and I was so sure I would have a normal delivery. But some thirty minutes inside the labor room, the pains suddenly seized. At first, I was relieved that the labor pains had subsided so I could get a breather, but when I noticed the medical personnel running frantically to inject and
administer some emergency prescriptions on me, I knew something had gone wrong. “What is wrong doctor? Nurse, what is going on? How is mv hahv?” I asked no one in particular as neither made any move to respond to my questions. Tears started slipping from my eyes, as I noticed the baby wasn’t moving anymore and some few minutes later, the doctor asked that I be moved into the surgery room for a caesarian since the baby (a boy) had died I screamed so loudly that they had to sedate me before they could operate on me. Those days were dark days for me, and I can still feel tears in my eyes as I write this story. My friends and family clouded round me, but neither them nor Dele could comfort me because my grief was very deep. I had wanted the baby so much that I had surrounded my life around it and now that I didn’t have it, life had lost meaning for me.
“Seyi, you can’t continue like this. God will give you another baby soon;’ my mother said to me some days later.
“When Maami, when will he give me the child again? You know how long I waited for this one. It took me four years to get pregnant, how many more years would I use to have another one?”
“I don’t have the answer to that Seyi” Mami said. “Only God knows best and we can’t question him” she comforted me.
“You have to move on with your life, and besides you have Dele to take care of.

How do you think he has been coping with the loss? And how do you think he would feel when he sees you like this’ she said. I fell into her arms and sobbe my heart out, after which I resolved 1 move on with my life.
That was when I noticed what has no become a problem for me. I sudden realized that Dele is having extra marital affairs, barely one month after the death our son. I picked up his phone to send as with it, because I didn’t have airtime in my phone and after doing so. Some sms caught my attention and I read them could hardly believe what I saw. Dele having an affair with a girl called Mirab
She was obviously young from the way she sounded and they used such lovey-do words to describe themselves, I was too shocked to react; I didn’t even know best way to confront him. When he came home that night feigning tiredness, I did know whether to confront him or not. Some days later, I couldn’t bear it any more I confronted him with my suspicions.
“What are you talking about Seyi?” Dele asked me
“Oh please Dele! You know what I talking about now” I responded.
“Look Seyi, I have had a busy day, what you think you know is simply a figment your imagination” he dismissed my suspicions just like that. Since then, I’ve been in pains. I am pained because I not gotten over the loss of my baby.
Also I am pained by the fact that Dele jumped into a steamy relationship with another girl, so soon after the death of our son.
I hate Dele now and each day I see him, my hatred for him continues to grow. I feel like poisoining him, but I haven’t summoned up courage to do it. Please readers, tell me what sort of punishment to give to Dele or else I might be forced to poison him.

…To Be continued