Health Discovery: Persons with HIV Not in Danger of Covid-19


People with HIV do not appear to be at greater risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. In addition, if they do become infected but have an undetectable viral load (due to effective antiretroviral treatment) they do not appear to be at greater risk of getting sick or developing COVID-19 symptoms.

However, those with uncontrolled HIV (meaning they have high viral loads and/or are not on treatment) could be at risk of developing more severe illness if infected. This means that people with HIV should take the same precautions as everyone else but also stay on treatment (or get access to treatment as soon as they can).

-People living with HIV and on effective antiretroviral treatment (ART) are currently not at an increased risk of getting coronavirus or developing severe symptoms.

-People living with HIV not on treatment or virally suppressed may be at a greater risk. Speak to a healthcare professional for more information on how to stay healthy.

-As with the general population, older people living with HIV and those with other underlying health conditions should take extra precautions to prevent illness.

-Try to have at least a 30 days’ supply of ART in your home. If possible, ask for three months.

-As more people become infected with coronavirus, we will learn more about how it behaves. Remember to keep in touch with your healthcare provider and advice from your government.