Hail of Tributes As Radio Girl, Tosyn Bucknor  Committed To Mother Earth



The service of songs and night of tributes for the late Tosyn Bucknor held on Wednesday November 28, 2018 was attended by a number of celebrities.

They took out time to eulogize the late On-Air personality for her strives and achievements. For some, Tosyn was the architect of their attainment. Banky W spoke about his reaction when he heard about the death of Tosyn Bucknor and how he wept. He went to mention the various singers she had special love for.

“When I heard the news, I cried for the first time in a long time. Tosyn Bucknor was one of my favourite people. She loved Coke, MI Abaga, 9ice, RoofTop MC, and me. She was a blessing to everyone. It just seemed like she wanted to do everything she wanted, which she did. She was a sister, wife, OAP, writer. If heaven has a radio station, I’m sure she already has a job,” he said.

Nikki Laoye

The singer and dancer praised Tosyn Bucknor and shared her last encounter with Tosyn Bucknor at an event. She went on to talk about how they always argued about their heights and who was taller.

“Tosyn and I always argued about our heights, I was one of her favourite persons. One major moment I can recall was the last time we saw which was at an occasion. She didn’t allow me to leave her sight. She wanted to tell me everything about her husband. We stayed together all through the event and I walked her to her car after the occasion. I just thank God for her life. I saw her in my dream last night and she was smiling at me, she winked at me which means she is happy,” she said.

Dare Art Alade

Dare Art Alade paid a special tribute to the late Tosyn Bucknor by performing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ which was quite emotional. He went on to name a number of qualities Tosyn possessed over the few years on earth.

“Tosyn has left us abruptly and she has got us all asking why, why, why? Tosyn was fun-filled, hardworking, kind and energetic. Trying to understand Tosyn was like trying to hold something you couldn’t hold on to,” he said.



Falz who shared a special friendship with the late Tosyn Bucknor was close to tears as he announced that he was going to be performing a song he dedicated to her with Simi and Sess.

“Simi, Sess got together to do a song for Tosyn. We couldn’t perform it here so we don’t mess it up. I just want us to pray for her so she can find peace,” he said.


Simi who could barely contain her tears revealed that Tosyn Bucknor actually gave her, her first break in the music industry.

“You didn’t have to have a personal relationship with her before she impacted in your life. I wasn’t super close to her but she loved me fully. She gave me my first break and we all know her love for alternative music. I hope this is not an event where we just walk away from, let her life be a learning point for everyone and this song expresses how we feel,”  she said.

Tosyn Bucknor passed away at the age of 37 on Monday, November 19, 2018, following complications from sickle cell anemia. She was survived by a husband, mother, sister and a lot of friends.

“Tosyn Bucknor died due to sickle cell complications” – Funke Bucknor


Tosyn Bucknor’s sister, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe has revealed that her sister died due to sickle cell complications. The top event planner made this known in a statement posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

In her emotional post, the Chief Executive Officer of Zapphire Events said Tosyn was not just her sister but her best friend.


“Hmmmmm…My heart is heavy…but in all things, we give thanks to God. My darling sister and best friend, Tosyn passed away last night due to complications from sickle cell. Love you …….” she wrote.