Group Alleges ‘UK Judge, Simon Oliver, is Using Challenged African Kids for Rituals’

Group Alleges 'UK Judge, Simon Oliver, is Using Challenged African Kids for Rituals'


At the moment, there are growing concerns over allegations about a highly connected UK syndicate that specializes in using disabled and other physically challenged children from Nigeria and other African countries for ritual purposes.

It was reliably gathered from different sources that it is a closely guarded secret because of the calibre of persons involved including but not limited to ‘secret cult of UK family legal law court/justice system’ allegedly using disabled children for ritualism and other evil purposes.

Particularly fingered in this is a certain Judge Simon Oliver, who works at the Upper Tribunal in London, Isleworth Crown Court and the family court in Reading and Slough County Courts. In an online post, Oliver admitted that “I openly take bribes, using the terms “gifts” and “loans” to sway judgments in the givers favour” Beside, top local government officers in disabled children departments and selected care homes across UK are said to be part of the syndicate.

Below is a version of an account of the modus operandi of the alleged syndicate by a group ‘Light Against Darkness.’

”This actually involves the child of someone very close to me and it is happening right now in the United Kingdom. The parents are poor and powerless, They are afraid  of being deported or framed up and thrown into prison. The parents are afraid to speak up. The parents of a disabled child had​ recently been deported for raising alarm when he saw his child in the care home with severe body injuries and suffering. The head of the satanic crime is the senior judge of central family​ court in central London and also family court in Kent his name is HHJ Simon Oliver.

Top metropolitan police officers and top government officers in local government
are fully aware. So they are all protected. By turning blind eye, I assume they are all part of the evil crime of using disabled children mostly from Ghana and Nigeria in particular and other African countries, for ritual purposes,” a source recounted.

Further, the source revealed how it is believed the syndicate operates;

”The social services in various local government in UK notably south east London approach parents of disabled children. They maltreat those children and supply them with dangerous drugs to increase their challenging behavior. They would thereafter collaborate with their schools to write negative reports about the children. Social services officers  monitor the situation  while the process is on.

Once it gets to a point, they would advice the parents that a residential accommodation will be suitable for the children. They will arrange a kangaroo court headed by Simon Oliver and appoint their own solicitors and guardian and within a twinkle of an eye they will get court order that the child now belongs to the government.

First, they would lie to the parents​ that it is a share parental responsibility  but  in another breadth in the course of  hearing,  it would  change to full government child. At that point, full realization of the plot would dawn on the parents at which time it would be late.  In some cases, they will forge a lie on the parent that they were molesting their disabled child. So, that will technically means that  they will  not be allowed to visit the child while the child is with the government.

If the parents try to appeal, the legal aid board will not grant legal aid and that is the end of story.”

The source continued;

”Various local governments in London have social workers for disabled children and they are the agents of this barbarism who will write report against the child known as section 31 of children Act instead of section  20 of the children Act. This will not be made known to the parent initially. These disabled children will be kept in selected care homes in UK where the social services staff and the gang will only be able to see the child for their secret cult and ritualism as needed by the secret society like Freemasons etc.

After about three years, if the child survives the ordeal, the parent will be allowed to remove the child and at that time the condition of the child would have been permanently damaged and dependent on the government will be the only solution.

They will be applying for more funding on those children and also be making the children to suffer in captivity.. Meanwhile, the judge is still sitting​ judging children to be taken from their poor parents mostly Ghana and Nigeria. The legal aid board officials and most solicitors are member of secret society. We are using this opportunity to inform our brothers and sisters whose children are now in care homes to connect with us to fight the evil system of UK family justice system as they do not obey the human rights act of 1998 and all the various acts of parliament enacted for the protection of disabled vulnerable children.”

Against this backdrop, the group raised the following posers under the Freedom of Information Act:

  • Judge Simon Oliver is a Berkshire Freemason. Does the Ministry of Justice know this and has Judge Simon Oliver been disciplined for this? The link to Mr Oliver in his Freemason attire is on the following link:
  • How many complaints have been made against Judge Simon Oliver in the last 7 years?
  • Has the Ministry of Justice received any complaints against Judge Simon Oliver taking bribes in court?
  • What is Judge Simon Olivers salary?
  • Judge Simon Oliver has been accused by substantial number of people that he makes request for sexual favours in return for favoured judgements? Has the MoJ received any complaints to this effect?
  • Judge Simon Oliver is also accused of sitting as a Court of Protection judge prior to 2015 in several cases when he did not hold a nominated license, can the MoJ clarify how many Court of protection cases Judge Simon Oliver sat prior to 2015?
  • Are there any disciplinary records on file for Judge Simon Oliver?
  • Has Judge Simon Oliver been investigated in the past by the police for taking bribes?